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    To All Carers

    As a carer myself,I know how exhausting it can feel.
    The person you shared you life with has slowly changed
    There is so much more to do,and your life has slowly been taken over
    Its not just the extra work,it,s the mood swings,the company and the loss of all the thing you use to do,and you cannot see it getting any better.
    I am sure all you carers can relate to some part of this.

    Well I cannot promise that you will get your old life back
    I think that went as soon as this illness took a hold
    But what I can say it,that it,s opened new doors
    For me its a simply walk along the sea front
    walking the dog was always some thing that had to be done
    now its become a pleasure,I suppose what I am trying to say,is yes I have lost my previous life,which I loved but I am finding,pleasure in small every day events.
    A Christmas wish,is that you all find that little bit of pleasure.Eve



    Just back from lunch at my daughter's… Janet cooked and we had a wonderful lunch in good company. Janet looks relaxed… a day off tomorrow as the other Gran is cooking Xmas dinner. As I write this I can hear Janet putting on the kettle and humming… she is happy… and looking forward to just the two of us until 12 noon tomorrow.

    That it was ever so… but it is for now and for now I am grateful.

    I genuinely feel that I am the luckiest man alive right here… right now. 🙂




    Al Match you with that Dai you and I and also many others have great Partners (dont like the word carer)

    So al say Happy New Year to Elaine and all the other Partners out there helping and coping Bloomin well.

    Love and Hugs to you all xxxx

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