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    Hi eve
    I live in Chester 10 minutes from Liverpool
    I was born just over the border in wales.
    when we played football against teams in Liverpool they called us woolly backs

    I just tried to send Rebecca a message but made a mess of it,

    My heart is with you people truly my people we are special

    people get a bit heart when they don’t get a reply back but wear not neglecting
    each other.
    love you all john



    Hi Folks

    I had some good feedback regarding the forum and a few obvious omissions. I’ve added the forum title and post title and removed the bar which said who last updated the forum. It seemed a bit pointless when the topic with the latest reply appear at the top of the forum.

    Let me know what you think and please keep the suggestions coming.





    Hi John – have tried to log in the last few days but couldn’t, today it let me! I had the exact same dates/time in for my SCT this Xmas as you AND I had my stem cells returned on the 15th December – which is my actual birthday! I always remembered your posts during my SCT and how you said SCT was a “state of mind” and you are so true but I have always been reluctant to say this to others who may be struggling. But it was pointed out that when I got home that I always managed a high speed dash to the loo but found it too hard to get up and get a cup of water! mmm… had to tell them not to help me. Tough love worked. Am now back at work, super fit and playing loads of sport and honestly I think I am very tired but I refuse to recognise it and therefore it does not register/impact my life. Nice to hear from you again




    Hi Stuart,

    As a newcomer to the site I haven’t found any difficulty in navigating around or signing in. I just wanted to say I find it a bit unnerving how public the forum is. It put me off posting for a few weeks because I could read posts, without signing in.

    I understand that this approach is probably to ensure that those people who wish for information, but don’t want to register or post have access to the discussion threads which are so helpful but I would feel more comfortable if personal identifiable information wasn’t visible to non registered site visitors.

    I wonder what other Forum users think………?

    Kind regards, sorry to be a bit paranoid,  Karen



    Hi Karen

    This is an issue we have pondered here on several occasions. We do block access to user profiles for non-registered users but we’ve always left the forum fairly open. Part of the reason is that anyone can register so there’s really no barrier to who can read the forum anyway.

    I’d also be interested to hear what everyone else thinks about this issue.




    I am quite a newbie to the forum relatively speaking but I have to say that I have found the information invaluable and the responses to my posts supportive, helpful and very friendly. I think in all forums you need to expect some direct/sharp replies but that’s partly why you post I think.

    Love you all.


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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