Forum guidelines

The following points are aimed at ensuring you get the most out of the Myeloma UK Online Discussion Groups:

  • Don’t hesitate to post your questions and responses when they come to mind! Do not worry about typos or spelling – there is a spelling check option once you have written your message
  • Please note the name you register with is the one that will appear automatically when you post a message to the group
  • There is no single topic for discussion. You can respond to an existing message or post a message on a new topic
  • All messages have a subject line, indicating the content of the message. Make sure the subject line is clear, as people see this before they see the content of your message and may use it to decide whether or not to read your message
  • Your messages are most likely to be read if you come across as friendly, tactful and constructive. Try to keep to one subject per message and give any information needed so your readers don’t have to ask for more details
  • Keep your messages short. Writing concisely will help people follow the flow of the discussion
  • Emotions are easily misunderstood when you can’t see faces or body language, and you can unwittingly upset someone. Please think about how your message could be construed before you send it
  • Humour does not always carry over well in messages. You may want to add a smiley face at the end of a line to overcome this. Smileys come in many forms, one typical one is 🙂
  • If you write an angry message, try not to send it straight away. Instead come back to it later and consider the effect it may have – you may find you want to rethink your wording.
  • If you write in capital letters it will come over as SHOUTING. In general, use mixed case text for your messages
  • These guidelines are reviewed on an annual basis
  • Myeloma UK reserve the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate