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    • Hello Delano,

      I am so sorry that I have not read your post till now but I do hope that you are now into your treatment and are responding well to this.
      Please don’t be scared or frightened by MM I was diagnosed in August 2016 and started Chemo CTDa Clycophasamide, Dexamethasone, Thalidomide and Zomorphand Fragmin on the 1/9/2016 I was a very active 71 year old at the time and my first thought was well that’s my golf and running finished now , but I was assured by my specialist that this cancer is treatable and so as I have always been a very positive person I thought this is not going to beat me. After some bad days during the treatment I came through and am now in remission and have been back playing golf and walking regularly so please stay positive you can and will beat it.
      All the very best.

      Rick H