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    Thank you Richard,that was kind,

    I often think about Dai,and others and people who have stopped posting,like Jo .

    Deb Bones lost her fight just after Christmas as well,it’s a sad year all round for many of us,but we do live in hope that away to control Myeloma is coming,plus we have the knowledge that all the people on the trials helped

    I am…[Read more]

  • I found they gave my husband the anti sickness pill to near his meal!!!!
    If it’s taken half an hour before a meal it settles the gut,so that might be worth trying,and yes some hospitals keep you in until you can hold down your food,Slim just lied!!!! But that was Slim.

  • Try a piece of pineapple to clear the pallit ,drink anything you can,it’s hard,fizzy drinks helps,it’s just a matter of perseverance .

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    I am sorry to hear about your news,it’s not very nice when all hopes seem to fade,!

    You must be absolutely shattered with all that’s been going on since last January,with hardly any time to take everything in,your experiences of hospitals is becoming more commen place,waiting hours just to be put on a drip,when your husband was so ill,it is…[Read more]

  • Hi Rosie
    So sorry to hear your sad news,it heart breaking if you are not expecting it to be so sudden,I had Time with Slim to prepare are selves for what was going to happen,you can never tell with Myeloma all it takes is an infection or pneumonia ,I nearly lost Slim at the very beginning with pneumonia,so we felt lucky to get another 3 years…[Read more]

  • Hi Fuzz

    Well you are showing some signs,that could be a number of diseases,a simple blood and urine test should show the possibility of Myeloma.

    Doctors only come across Myeloma once in a life time as there are only 3000 cases a year in GB.

    I would make a note of your weight and height,plus how many times you feel sick,your kidney functions…[Read more]

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    Hi Vicki

    Nice to hear from you, I think you are doing the best thing not coming on here to much when you are in remission ,best to lock the Myeloma away in a cupboard mentally ,and enjoy life as much as you can,because we all know it finds you in the end,so enjoy today.

    I have good and bad days,try to keep myself busy and out of the house,after…[Read more]

  • eve replied to the topic Lenolidimide or Dt-pace?? in the forum Treatment 7 years, 7 months ago

    Hi Maijic 30

    Reading your husbands history,he has had thalidomide ,then Velcade then pomilidomyde has had his STem cells harvested,then Polidimide and because he has an agressive Cancer they are recommending he has DT pace,and in between this he has had pneumonia!!!!! Plus he has had compression on his spine,hence radiotherapy.

    He has age on…[Read more]

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    Hi Newbies

    As a very oldie on here may I suggest instead of joining on some ones post,you start your own post,telling people who you are,what hospital you go to and what treatment you are having,plus of course any problems. This will help people to help you in person!!!!

    When I first came on here,some one posted. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!!!!,I…[Read more]

  • Jan

    That’s the way to go!!! No regrets enjoy what you have and never give up hope.

    The fact is no one knows what lies in the future,just enjoy and never give up hope,it will take people a long way,and every day is a bonus. Love to you all.

  • Hi Kaye

    It was my husband who died,and it was a long slow death,so when you are not expecting it,it’s harder,grieve hits you very quickly and brings out all sought of emotions.

    It is very hard for anyone to speculate what went wrong concerning your mum,if you write or ask to see her consultant I am sure he would explain why it was not picked up…[Read more]

  • Hi Kaye

    I am so sorry for your families loss and for the way the Myeloma progressed without being spotted,I personally think people should learn all they can,and not have this blind faith in doctors,at the end of the day,they are just trained people,and family should ask questions,even if it’s only for your peace of mind.

    When people are…[Read more]

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    Occupations have been talked about concerning Myeloma,

    If you think about it chemicals exist in basic materials for every day use,for example wrapping on food,which is put into a microwave !!,

    Jobs that you have done in your life ,Farmers service Men,anyone who came into contact with Chemicals,I think why there is no direct research into this is…[Read more]

  • Hi Jan

    How are things,!!! I do not post so much now but look in to see how everyone is doing,and looking at your post I thought you needed some surpport at this stage you are at!!!!

    The doctors are telling you to prepare yourselfs, and it’s not a bad way to go,because if this does happen at least it will not be such a shock as last time,and…[Read more]

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    Hello Everyone,well it’s 6am,and today I am coming to the end of a journey!

    Last day to make sure every thing goes right,visited Slim yesterday,and took masses of Sunflowers to line his coffin,if you have followed this journey you will know how much we enjoyed France and the fields of sunflowers,they represent a big part of our lives together,all…[Read more]

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    Hi Gill

    Reading your posting,you could have been talking about Slim, Stephen and Slim must have come out of the same mould. Lol

    One of the people from the past described Slim as a gently giant,that was her memory as a little girl.
    I had to stop and think about the way she saw him. The last four years took there toll as he fought to stay alive,…[Read more]

  • Hi Mary

    We have lovely nurses on this site Ellen and Maggie,the number is at the top of the page plus it’s free,talk to them,they can send you booklet plus give you lots of information.

    When someone is first diagnosed,it’s very hard to take in all the information,I had never heard of Myeloma,try not to go looking on the net until you can have…[Read more]

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    Thank you all for your condolences

    Although expected it still seems so unreal.at the moment I am ok as I have said earlier I have no regrets,it’s a comfort to me that Slim lived and died just the way he wanted to,many people specially in death,do not get the death they wanted,plus many things are left unsaid.

    Slim wanted a non religious…[Read more]

  • eve started the topic SLIM in the forum End of Life and Grief 7 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Everybody

    I am posting this with a sense of numbness ,after all this time it seems so unreal.

    Slim died on Wednesday the 27 of August ,there is not much more I can say,thank you to all the people on here and at Myeloma UK who have helped me over a period of three years,I have laughed and cried at many postings but most of all I knew you all…[Read more]

  • Hello Martin

    With the amount of damage to your back,I would expect you to have been in sever pain and needing medication for it!!!

    The consultants must have done a Skelton ex ray plus MRI,scan which show the damage,if it’s pain from that area ,there should be some relief as chemo does the job of removing cells,but if it’s the bones crumbling as…[Read more]

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