Kevin Kirk

  • Hello Graeme,

    I have had 2 SCT now the first in 2007 which like Chris was at Kings in London as I am also from the Medway area and the second at Kings & London Bridge in 2013. Like you both were preceded with CDT. I was 49 when I had my first one. Everyone seems to have different experiences and all I could add to this is that each of my SCT was…[Read more]

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    Hello Mervyn,

    Sorry the last sentence should have said ‘Each course of CTD and SCT gave me full remission.’

    Best Wishes

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    Hello Mervyn,

    Best wishes for your upcoming SCT. I would echo what Rebecca has said. I have had two SCT now one in 2007 and the second in 2012. As has been said everyone is different and all I could add to that is to say that both my SCTs were different experiences. I had excellent treatment and care by all the staff on both occasions but the…[Read more]

  • Good Luck and best wishes for your upcoming treatment. Just celebrating one year since my second SCT and still in full remission.
    All the best

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    Thank you Eve and Tom. Hope all has gone well with Slim. There is more choice available now than when first diagnosed and more in the pipeline so deciding the right way to go can be difficult. Logic tells me I have done the right thing – time will tell. I will this time however take up Gills idea of keeping a diary as i dont recall too many…[Read more]

  • Hello all,

    Had CDT followed by SCT back in 2006-7. All went well and achieved full remision untiL Nov 11. PP's went to 4 then to 9 in Mar 12 and 17 in Jun 12. Saw my Consultant and decided we shoul start to treat. Since November Vecade had been suggested as the next step. Unlike the first time I was treated I knew what to roughly expect (good…[Read more]

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    Best wishes and finger crossed for you Keith. I am in a very similar situation to you all be it only having had one SCT. PP 4 in Nov and now 9. Hope all goes well for you.
    Best wishes

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    Hello Janet,

    I had my SCT in 2007. My last check up was in November 11. I was told then that after 4 years of remission that my count had slightly risen. Was it a blip, will it drop on its own or would it continue to rise. There was no definate answer. I asked what next and was told they would keep an eye on it and when it got to a certain…[Read more]

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    Hello Graham,

    Similar story. Diagnosed at 48 (5 years ago) after not being able to shrug off a back problem. As you say the bone marrow biopsies are 'interesting'. I had CDT treatment followed by a bone marrow transplant. Have been in remission since then. Was told at my last consultation a level of something was slightly elevated but no…[Read more]

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    Hello all,
    My name is Kevin (aka Grumpy – I don't know why !!!!). Live in Gillingham in Kent and am 53. Diagnosed 5 years ago – CDT followed by SCT at Kings College Hospital London.
    Best wishes to all