• tom replied to the topic Is velcade effective? in the forum Treatment 8 years, 2 months ago

    Morning Rachel

    sorry to hear about your Brother, and I wish him luck in the road to remission.

    i was diagnosed in 2009, had CTD leading up to the SCT in dec 2009. That gave me four years remission and drug free.

    my myeloma has returned and am now on Velcade and Dex, just started my fourth cycle on it and to be fair it’s treated me pretty good,…[Read more]

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    Your More than welcome my Friend and to be fair helping others does help me so am sure i am being a bit selfish ha ha.

    your getting on good with  your Bosses thats a good sign it makes the treatment bearable if you have one less worry


    Tom Onwards and Upwards

  • Hi Izzie

    Good Luck with the pencil in SCT but the sooner the ink is on the better lol,

    I had a bit of PN  in 2009 whilst on CTD but not too much that it bothered me to be fair, just near got rid of it when the darned MM came back (was told December 5th) now on Velcade once per week subcutaneous and my iccle Dex, can just feel a slight change i…[Read more]

  • Hi Maureen and Ian

    As if Lol, we had a great time in Chester its a great place, am sure we didn’t rest as much as we would have done abroad and it was nearly as expensive.

    We would go back to Chester as we both loved it

    Hope you two are doing OK

    Love Tom Onwards and upwards xxx

  • tom replied to the topic Here we go in the forum Treatment 8 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Stanley

    Good Luck in your treatment, I was on CDT in 2009 prior to SCT same year.

    I was four years clear and drug free after my sct  but as i knew it would come back it has, now on Velcade forth block first session go every Monday for it.

    Back to the CDT I had to go on sick half way through my Third block and was off work for one year, that…[Read more]

  • Hi Keith

    Sorry you have been unwell Keith, I went through that when I had mine in 2009, even post SCT i was near bedridden for about a month, the young bride used to make me a pack up and flask for me when she went to work (in case i wanted to eat ) it took its time Keith to be honest but one morning I just woke up and felt OK and i mean OK just…[Read more]

  • Honest I will look at the link to see why my pistol get half left x

    big hugs Jo xx

  • Hi Jo

    yes am sorry about that

  • tom replied to the topic Side effects……aaagh! in the forum Treatment 8 years, 2 months ago

    Hi eaglesham

    sorry to hear about your dizzy spells yes I had them when I had CDT in 2009, and to be fair I had to go on sick leave halfway through my third cycle, I was then off for a full year that took me through my SCT and recovery of that.

    it put me into remission for four years so I feel it was worth it that so I am doing it again but this…[Read more]

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    Ps part post missing lol.

    Good luck with yours
    Love Tom onwards and upwards. Xxx

    Lord knows why it leaves some out ?? Think I might be using the wrong ink lol ha ha xxxx

  • tom replied to the topic Antibiotics etc after SCT in the forum Treatment 8 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Carol

    Well post SCT I done a few months taking anti virals and anti sick, and Zometa ant ye Zometa was for just two years, apart from that I was drug free

  • Aww you have my positive attitude am sending a little bit to you today,
    Hope ur doing ok ?? We are off to Chester tomorrow for a few days seeing as we can’t get in a plane decided to go in a posh hotel instead ha ha.

    Velcade today but think am gonna save those little Dex tabs till tomorrow do I can party all night in Chester he he

    Love to you…[Read more]

  • Hi Vicky and Colin

    Your wayy too kind I just do what I feel is best, not just for me and mine but all of us Mm folks, as I have to admire to being a iccle bit selfish

  • Hi David
    Sorry your SCT hasn’t been the success you/ we wanted but I have heard that it can get there in time ?!, good luck with the Maintansnce regime and hope your soon into remission.

    Hi Keith

    Well hope the throat gets no worse ??, gosh you are brave staying at home I was pleased I was in hospital during all mine and am pleased I will be…[Read more]

  • Hi Helen

    Ye the Dex has it’s bad bits also lol, ye but I can’t knid of later in the day as I am at work and what will my gaffer think lol.

    Yes it would be good to have SCT over and done with and recoupe in the warmth of the summer, mine was winter in 2009 and it weren’t good cos I really do feel the cold now.
    Do the race is now on and we are off

  • Hi Andrea

    Well good luck with it I was on CTD in 2009 and had to pack in work half way through my third 28 day cycles as I was wayy too tired by then had about a year off work that let me have my SCT in December 2009, got four years remission out if that. Just take one day at a time it’s a doable but it has it’s moments stay strong and you will…[Read more]

  • Hi Keith
    Yes the Dex keeps me awake but it will only be for last nite and the Velcade (if it’s same as last five lots) and will need aka ram to wake me up.

    The mouthwash like David said should be supplied by the hospital and don’t forget use it near as much as you use the loo and some. That extra extra use helped me no end.
    Good luck with it…[Read more]

  • Bloomin half post again but am sure you all get my drift lol xxxx

  • Your all more than welcome and you all are my inspiration, it’s not easy comming onto a site like this Mm am sure but for me it helps reading your good posts and we have many on here that are Onwards and upwards who also Vabyte and do whatever it takes and also know that every day is a gift.

    So you all keep me going also

  • Morning Helen
    As you can see by the time of the list I had my Dex yesterday lol.
    I think you would beat me if ur July but am gonna race you anyways it gives us some thing to look forwards to dunt it.

    I would think for me more autumn early winter for mine beds permitting.

    Now the race us on

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