• myeloma2016 posted an update 11 months ago

    @kevin hi Kevin. hope you are doing great. May I know how may years you are in remission after your 3rd ASCT?

    • Hello

      I have only had 2 SCT, first in 2007 and the second in 2013. Each of those with prior treatments gave me about 4 ½ years full remission. I am not sure if you get offered a 3rd SCT. My last relapse was in 2017 which I was treated with carfilzomib and dex and my treatment and course of maintenance treatment finished in Dec 2019. I am still in full remission and the only treatment I am on is a 3 monthly infusion of Zometa and a daily adcal lozenge.
      Best wishes

      • Hello Kevin,
        Thanks indeed for clarification.
        I’m now 9 months post (ASCT). This is my first SCT. I was diagnosed when I was 42 years old, now 46. I have been on lenalidomide 10 mg( maintenance medication). So far everything seems ok except my WBC is slightly bellow 3000 (2600) due to lenalidomide.
        I know very well that every myeloma patient is different and many have longer and shorter remission after SCT. To me 4 years and half is a fair remission time and I hope mine won’t be less than that. Based on your experiences, is there anything I can do for myself to prevent or delay relapse sooner than expected?