11years from diagnosis

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    Thanks again Nick, I hope you saw my reply back to you . This is a brill site


    Jen xx



    Hi Jennifer

    I’m just replying to question of how I was prior to sct. In short, I was pretty unwell, very painful to walk even short distances but I’d done well with the vcd treatment so the team wanted me to have an sct. The sct took a lot out of me and I lost a huge amount of weight, but the enforced rest in hospital really helped my back!! I attained complete remission but relapsed after 3 years. More chemo cycles and the team wanted me to have another sct. However I decided not to have sct.
    My only advice is to go along with your dad and have a discussion of your concerns and come up with a plan. Having an sct isn’t urgent and can wait a little while so the team may wait a couple of months for your dad to get back some fitness.

    No decision is easy but if it’s thought through and discussed then it does help.

    Good luck with everything.


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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