Bank holidays and weekends and feeling alone

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    I am having to watch my OH going through side effects of the treatment, and feeling very panicked. It’s worse at weekends and bank holidays because the CNS is off-duty and I am having to decide whether to ring the emergency number, and feeling guilty about that. Everything was going well for the first few weeks and now it is turning into my worst nightmare.

    Does anyone have any coping strategies? By the way, the hospital are great, and we will be going in to see them tomorrow, but that’s a whole day and night to wait!



    My name is Ellen and I am one of the Myeloma Information Specialist at Myeloma UK. I answer the Myeloma Infoline (0800 980 3332) and the ‘Ask the Nurse’ email service ( with my colleagues Kim and Hayley. We take calls and answer emails Monday to Friday 09.00 until 5.00.
    The Myeloma Infoline is a quality accredited, Freephone service – which provides information, emotional support, practical advice and a listening ear when you need it, is open most public holiday – we are open today. Please do call if you would like to talk anything through.



    Thank you for replying, Ellen. OH is asleep again now (after a pretty sleepless night), so I am going to slip out for an hour. I may call later in the day. I think I have got control of my panic for the moment, but it doesn’t take much to set it off again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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