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    What's occurring?

    We haven't heard from you for a week or so and if you are just taking a break then fair enough… but…

    I was wondering if you and Slim are Ok… treatments going according to plan, not too inundated by stuff and things…

    You were on my mind so I thought I'd give you a call. 🙂




    Hi Dai
    Thanks I am fine,just feeling a bit low at this time,no reason,
    Glad to hear your good news,and it,s lovely to see so many people coming on the site with lots of good news,
    Just what we need after so much bad news,In some ways i hope Sarah and Min,do go on and get on with the job of living and enjoy their future,but as you say they will be missed.
    I suppose if you have cyber friends,cyber mourning is the equivalent,to me I will be sorry if they go,but i do believe it means they are moving on with their lives,even if its just a small step.

    Any way enough of this,did I read on here about someone who has been taking Velcade for 4 years!!!!!!! need more info how, were,why and when cannot find it!!!!

    I am going to start decorating ,find it helps to keep busy,will look in,but feel I just need to keep very busy at this moment.Love Eve:-)



    Hi Eve good to know you are both ok , Sometimes we all need a break though and you are wise to recognise the need to escape for a while Have fun decorating and shopping too?? lots of love Bridget x



    HI Eve

    glad to hear you and slim are both reasonably ok decorating YUK not my favourite thing I hate all the upheaval but its good when its done
    Regards to Slim:-)
    Love Jo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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