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    Anyone know anything about canabis oil for myeloma.??



    When I was diagnosed, two of my sons, after reading about it on the internet, sourced two different sorts of cannabis oil. While I had no moral objections to taking it I decided not to.

    Firstly, had I taken it and my condition changed for the better or worse, nobody would have had any idea whether it was the cannabis oil or the medication that was having an effect.

    Secondly, there is no guarantee of quality with it. Illegal drugs are usually sold with the intention of making money and the people who produce it are not renowned for their quality control etc

    If and when I get to end stage, I might reconsider smoking it if I find it has a therapeutic effect.

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    Firstly, American firms are out to make money and many of the laws here in Europe don’t exist in the USA with poorer regulation on advertising and claims in respect of advertising.

    There have been no proper full scale trails that I’m aware of on humans with this substance, minor trials I’ve seen, involving mice, were inconclusive.

    I had a Brother-In-Law with Lung Cancer who took this substance from diagnosis, imported from the USA at great expense. It made no difference to his prognosis and he died one year later. If anything, the oil appeared to exacerbate his condition.

    In my opinion stay clear of wasting your money.



    The court is still out on this substance.  It did show some results in mice, but it wasn’t a blind test nor were the results that good.

    A distant relative of mine was fed this stuff in an attempt to cure his cancer and it was high grade and cost a fortune.  It made him sick as a dog most of the time, he coughed up blood sometimes and it had no effect. He died as per consultants prognosis and scans showed no effect from ingesting this stuff.

    My personal advice is stay away since it’s big business for many, including American companies who are making large profits out of grief. Just like the fads for massive doses of Vit C et al.

    There are a few trials up and running, but nothing conclusive as yet, just as with Turmeric, when hospitals use it, then it works. If not, don’t believe it….




    As someone with myeloma from a state in the US where grass is legal for medical purposes, I find that oil infused with CBD-heavy marijuana helps with nausea from chemo, and a number of people I have met in the oncology clinic smoke the THC variety which makes their chemo treatments bearable.  I don’t like smoking it, and I don’t like how stupid the THC makes me feel.  I have enough brain problems with chemo already and don’t need to add to them.  I also bought some salve with CBD marijuana that I rub into my feet that I’m told has helped some people cope with their neuropathy, but it hasn’t helped me.  I don’t think I’ve met anyone who hopes it will affect cancer one way or another, just chemo-induced nausea.

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