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    It is with great sadness that I pass on news of the death of Eva Youren. Eva’s husband has been in contact to say that she sadly passed away on 6  July. I know Eva contributed to this forum regularly; she was a great source of support for many of you and always shared her experiences carefully and thoughtfully for the benefit of others. Eva was also always happy to help Myeloma UK whenever she could and we were very grateful for her input. She will be missed by many and I personally am saddened to hear of her death, we spoke on many occasions since her diagnosis.



    so sorry to hear Eva has passed on. I spoke to her on the phone and she was very informative and friendly. so sad we did not meet up.

    My thoughts are with her husband and sons.




    I a very sorry to hear of Eva’s passing. I recall that she was a very informed patient and made sure that she was getting the best treatment that was available to her, even though that meant flying down from Scotland. I remember being very much in awe of her dogged spirit. My thoughts are with her husband. Xx



    I am so saddened to hear of Eva’s death so soon after her second transplant. I will really miss her.



    Please pass on my condolences to her husband and sons.

    I would like him to know that although Eva had not been posting for some time,I always had her in my thoughts,the last time I heard from her was when she was in London having treatment that would go on to her second SCT,staying at a B&B,that takes some courage to be alone in London waiting on treatment,but that is what she had courage,and she wanted to enjoy life so much,it’s the highlands that will miss her,but I am sure she has left her personal marks in her paintings.

    My thoughts are still with her.love Eve



    I am so sorry and saddened to hear about Eva. Please pass on my sympathy to Michael and their family.

    I knew she nearly died before her transplant but the last I heard she had survived the transplant and was slowly recovering although very very weak. I really thought she was over the worst but it was not to be. When I was diagnosed and posted on Myeloma UK she sent me a private very helpful message and since then we exchanged emails now and then. We talked about all sorts of things and she was very supportive to me. She even invited me to Edinburgh, I wish I had gone.  She was until recently a regular contributor to the forum and rarely posted about herself and her own situation but always responded helpfully and informatively to other people’s posts. Not only was she very well informed about Myeloma but she was a teacher, artist, photographer and traveller. She sent me some of her recent work, which incorporated aspects of having myeloma,  It was wonderful and thought provoking. I hope it can be seen somewhere at some point.

    I will miss her very much. She leaves a great legacy behind her.





    I would also like to express my sadness at Eva’s passing. She will be sadly missed. I send condolences to her family who will have stood alongside her and suffered too because of this awful illness.


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