Feeling very worried

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    my 80 year old mother has myeloma, diagnosed about 3 months ago, although was about a year in the mgus stage

    she was started on treatment a couple of months ago, that hasn’t gone well, she felt sick, nauseated, couldn’t eat, lost lots of weight

    just this week she ended up in hospital, was very ill

    she has been getting fluids, anti sickness through a drip…antibiotics for the start of a chest infection

    has now had a blood transfusion…she is very slowly feeling better, oh also they have stopped the chemo for now

    my issue is I am abroad at the moment, my sisters are doing all the care

    I am due to fly home in  11 days, the doctors and nurses that I have spoken to have said that my mums death is not imminent and that returning on our scheduled flight should be fine!

    They are dealing with all the issues, I’m trying to be rational, also she is safe in hospital for now

    Every other day I change my mind, I would rather return to the UK with my husband as I don’t like flying , I am so indecisive ……I suppose I’m worried, if I get this wrong , I will have huge regrets

    appreciate any advice


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    Hi Kay

    Thank you for posting on the Myeloma UK forum. My name is Debbie and I am one of the Myeloma Information Specialists here at Myeloma UK.  I am sorry that no-one has responded to your post until now.  I can understand that this is a worrying time for you with your mother in hospital and you being abroad.  From your description it sounds as though the doctors and nurses looking after your mother are not expecting any sudden deterioration in your mother’s condition.  While it is difficult to forsee exactly what may happen with your mother it seems from your description that she may be experiencing a setback from side effects of the treatment.  A chest infection when your immune system is low can make someone feel very poorly, however as you say she is in the right place, and getting the antibiotics and other supportive treatments that she needs, and there is no reason to suspect that she won’t recover from this episode.   Indeed, it may be that she has already improved in the four days since you placed your post.  Ultimately no-one can say decisively that you should or shouldn’t return to the UK when situations such as this occur, it has to be a personal decision.  However if the doctors and nurses looking after your mother felt you absolutely needed to return I do think they would say so, and certainly I am sure they would be willing to talk with you directly over the telephone if you felt this would be helpful for you.

    I hope this has been of some help but if you have any further questions, or would like to talk things through, please feel free to call the Myeloma Infoline from abroad on +44 (0)131 557 9988 – I or one of my colleagues can clarify things for you further. Alternatively you can email directly to askthenurse@myeloma.org.uk

    With best wishes


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