Femoral fracture and Biphosphonates

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    Hi there everyone,

    In December 2020 I broke my right femur simply by tripping – I’d been suffering with increased pain in that thigh for about 9 months previously but was told it was deferred pain from my arthritic hip. Fast forward to present and MRI has shown that my left femur is at risk of fracturing in exactly the same place! Now been told that there is a link between biphosphonates and femoral fractures!🤦🏻‍♀️
    My concerns are that now the decision has been made to stop the bone strengthening, will the left femur heal itself? I ask because that treatment was halted during 2020 because of Covid but the right femur still fractured!
    Has anyone else had experience of this please? I feel like I’m hobbling round on a time bomb…

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