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    In January I started two courses here in Germany, the first is the middle level German Language course and the exam is in two weeks :(. The other is a basic care course with a very heavy medical content covering such things as Strokes, Dementia, First Aid and Nutrition amongst others. Naturally all in German. Well, I took the final exam yesterday and I past with a good grade.

    This inspite of my Paraprotein levels going up, being put on Dexy and Revlimid with the subsequent sleepless nights and lack of concentration as well as extremely poor language skills. I think the moral of the story is to not let MM rule your life totally, there are still things that people can do and life is for living. My goal is still to collect my pension in 15 years time and not let MM prevent me from having as normal life as possible.

    Good luck to those of you who find innovotive ways to live with MM.




    Congratulations Richard
    It’s tough learning another language in middle age, especially when you have probably only superficially learned French at school. We came to the Netherlands over 30 years ago and I didn’t have too much of a problem because I already spoke fluent German and regularly met mothers and their children outside the school gates. However for my husband, also Richard, it was tough going. For a start the company’s language (Philips) was English and also everyone you come into contact with wants to practise their English. Now he is treasurer for a local club and even dares to write reports.
    Keep on learning.



    Well done Richard! Great result!




    Well done Richard, you are an inspiration.

    What is your next goal?

    Maureen x



    Hi Carol and Maureen,

    I was just so pleased I had to let it be known. Really it’s about not giving up. My original diagnosis was just weeks after moving out here. My original plans were blown out the water and it was a case of finding something that I could do to ensure that I have as normal a life as possible, hence the start of retraining for a new job.

    The next goal is to pass the language exam in two weeks then find part time work. After that to do further training to improve my skill levels. We just won’t let MM dictate what I am doing – don’t let the tail wag the dog so to speak.

    Anyway, we all have to decide what is right for ourselves.



    Good for you! 😀 You encourage me!



    Hi Richard, It was great to see a post from you and to see that you are doing so well and learning new skills. I can’t believe it was 3 years ago when you were about to go through the SCT at the same time as my husband Graham. It’s so good that you are both doing so well. Keep it up and I am sure you will see your pension. I am 60 and get my NHS pension next month and then going back to work 4 days a week after that. Can’t wait. Another 6 years until we both get our State Pension. My husband now enjoys art and still does a bit of private teaching and some marking for an exam board. xx



    Hi Angela, time flies! It got better because last summer I stopped taking Dexy and the Revlimid has been reduced to 10mg. Had an MRT scan last month, bone damage is stable and frankly doesn’t really bother me. I do get increased bone pain in my shoulders if I don’t drink enough or exercise enough, I have a season ticket for the local pool but I’ve just been too lazy to use it.

    My personal trainer (my wife) keeps a good eye on me and keeps track of my mental wellbeing as well as physical. I’m still cycling to work although these last few days have been particularly cold here. I think it was still -10 at around 8 this morning.

    As for learning new skills, I have applied for further training which my employers have agreed to. I’m just waiting to see if I have a place on the course which starts in a couple of weeks, Really, mental attitude is as important as any medication in fighting MM. February next year will be 5 years since diagnosis so providing Revlimid keeps working, I ought to organise something.

    It’s good to hear that Graham is doing well, the little bit of work he has will certainly help keep him occupied and I think that’s half the battle – not to dwell on the MM.

    So let’s see how we’ve got on in a years time.


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