Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

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    Hi Min

    I am free too:-D it feels very weird at the moment, having a …up with ex work mates tomorrrow night. I have a huge form to fill in for a pension, so will do that with the cesus, hope i dont muddle them!!

    Good luck with our new freedom, no more problems on having time off for appointments, getting gordon to hospital etc. Woopee!

    sarah x



    Hi Sarah,
    Well I have now had 6 days of not getting up for work, I have the pension form to get to the Pension People tomorrow(not yet filled in) I have done my sums a lot of times to see how poor I will be until the OAP pension kicks in. I am spending far too much time on this computer, but still have sciatica so cant do much else. My plan is to do a room a week of spring cleaning if I can, by which time Peter may be fit to travel. Nice to know I don't have to rush to do anything as I have all week off!!
    I would like to watch TV late night in bed but Peter moans so will invest in some earplugs for him! It is the weirdest feeling knowing Ive wanted this for so long and now its here its a bit of an anti climax. But its very early days yet.
    I wanted to dash off to see the grandchildren but daughter has gone for her leaving do to New York of all places so that is ruled out for this week. However son is home from sea in a few days so lots of lunches on the cards.
    Then its decision time do we move house or not. So really got a lot to do.
    All the time in the world to do it though.
    Enjoy you night out



    Hurray Min 😎
    great news your life will once more become yours (with in reason ) the days of getting up and having to go to work will soon fade i hope Peter is well enough soon to go for a short hloiday it will do you both good

    Love Jo x



    Hi Min

    I also watch a lot of late night telly, it is rubbish!! Except for the now and again good films, or the very old soaps, I ended up watching the soap set in the solent with lots of very beautiful yachts more interresting than the dialogue.
    I still think i am on holiday!! not sure when that feeling will go, if ever.
    I help my son and this year we have 200+ ewes to lamb down, 1st lambs today about 2 weeks prem, so annoying, usually i have 2 weeks holiday and hope they all lamb before i go back to work, this year they can take as long as they like:-D I will get use to not working i am sure as i a sure you will. Just filled in my pension form as well, i hope we dont have to live on baked beans before i get my state pension!! They give me such winddy popps:-/

    with love sarah

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