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    OK, I know it's the weekend and after a week in hospital I feel like being a bit flippant but I was fascinated when I read Nicki's posting name of nickinoo. It reminds me of how in my family we used to refer to our knickers as knickinoos. In the good old days they used to be small to fit the slimmer girl. Now they're known as my big jobs! Any of the ladies out there got their own name for knickinoos?!!

    Love, Gaye xx



    Gaye I am just not going to go down this path – I could get banned from the site:-|

    kindest regards



    Love it Gaye 🙂 made me smile on what is turning out to be a very low day.

    It is the affectionate name my family used as a child and some friends still use.

    Never heard of that name for pants though! If it reminds people of knickers maybe I need a new nickname! Lol.

    NickiNoo xxx



    No Nicki please continue with your name – it just made laugh when I saw it and brought back memories!

    I'm sorry you are having a low day. I'm afraid it's one of those things that goes with myeloma from time to time but they do pass and the good ones are more frequent and much happier. Hang on in there Nicki.
    Love, Gaye x



    Dear Gaye your post made me smile although I cant remember having a family name for ours !!! I do remember the posh girls who lived next door wore drawers –la-di-da Thank goodness for flippancy its what keeps us sane Hope you are feeling better now love Bridget x

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