• I do not think anybody will, it is not a “big” cancer and the research required would, I suspect, take up a lot of cash.

    Kindest regards -Vasbyt


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    Well done young man (I love using that phrase he he) With your attitude I can see another three years stretching out before you.

    Keep going buddy

    kindest regards – vasbyte


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    Signed number 3076.

  • The garden has taken a hit this year Helen. I have reduced the borders and lawned most of it in. We just have three medium size planting ares two of which I have filled with perennials (I love penstemmons). My lovely hedge has gone, replaced by a very smart solid wood and lattice work fence. To be honest I am preparing things for Mo.

    That…[Read more]

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    I always use Tesco pitted prunes and Laxido I have 5 pitted prunes with my cerial and take the Laxido mid day well clear of any medicine I am taking.

    kindest regards – vasbyte


  • What a lovely place to get stuck.

    I do not want to “count chickens” etc.. but it looks like my op yesterday was a success. Both kidneys are now draining well and the blood is starting to clear from both,which the Nurse tells me is a good sign this early after the op.

    What makes a forum good, in my mind, is light harted banter that lifts the…[Read more]

  • You two guys are getting up my nose!

    I am sitting here, in my hospital bed, having just had my Kidney’s drained and ” stents” put in too keep my pee ways open and you two are off enjoying yourselves – HAVE YOU NO HEART. Wasn’t just one day lousy with bad food, warm larger and ice sheets blowing in from the north. :-))))

    Well done kindest…[Read more]

  • Hi Chuck, Sorry to hear you are going through it. I lost my neck vertebrae in 2009 to this decease. I was pulled of Velcade because of bad side affects namely PN. Went onto Revlimid and never looked back.

    kindest regards – vasbyte


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    Hi Ian, Been off line for awhile but today I picked up yours post. When I started out on the Myelomer trail July 2009 I was told to drink plenty of waster – 6 Pints a day were were recommended. I have been trying to do that every since. I do not always hit my “quouter” for one reason or another but I would say my minimum is 3 pints.

    I wold…[Read more]

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    Hi Eve, I was gutted to read the posts regarding Slim’s demise. Through you we all got to know him well. I will think of you tomorrow when I go to my Son’s grave.

    Please, please do not leave us.

    My love and best wishes go out to you – Vasbyte


  • Hi Peter, I picked up “Spongy Foot” as I called it whilst going through my SCT in 2009/10. It then started to get a lot worse when I went onto Velcade. I only had three doses of Velcade before PN started to get worse. I still have a numbness in my right side calf muscle but it has not go any worse so I ignore it.

    I, like most MM sufferers I…[Read more]

  • Sorry to hear Rev has stopped for you I hope you have better luck on the next treatment whatever it is.

    I only started on Rev in Nov 2013 and it has taken me into complete remission at the moment. They have pulled me off of it , 2 months ago now, whilst they try to sort out Prostate Cancer and a Skin cancer. My blood test Friday last was still…[Read more]

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    Hi Stu, I like your attitude – just the right one to have when dealing with MM. I have had Myeloma since 2009, when I was 67, and it is only this year that I actually got into full remission so keep your positive attitude because you will find it a bumpy old ride with lots of ups and downs.

    MM affects everybody differently but we have…[Read more]

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    Hi Eve, I loved your post. Not unexpected from such a strong person as yourself.

    My family know of my wishes when I die. I am at the moment discussing my funeral service with my local vicar. I want to make it an opportunity to ask people to help each other. My granddaughter will read the parable of the Good Samaritan for example.

    I will…[Read more]

  • Hi Jeffery,

    I was on ZoMorth for some time when I had a great deal of bone pain some time back. Zomorth is very addictive I found, and when I cam off it I went through “Cold Turkey” withdrawal. I had all you had plus I felt like death warmed up. I would lay in bed sweating madly but feel very very cold. I had ants under my skin crawling…[Read more]

  • Some good news the Skin Cancer is only a mild form and they have taken some samples (ouch) and I now await a date to have them removed.

    Kindest regards – vasbyte


  • Hi Anthony, I only did 3 months on Velcade by which time I was getting bad PN. I was taken of Velcade and put on Revlimid. I have never been in remission since I started down the MM path, after SCT I got down to 2.9 pp However after 3 months on Revlimid I hit “excellent Remission”, my consultants words not mine, with uncountable PPs i.e.…[Read more]

  • Hi John, It is very bewildering when you first start down the MM path. I started on the path of 5 years ago so do not give up. Carol has given some good advice and information. I was 66 when first diagnosed and had a transplant at 67. I have always kept my self fit and active and this counted a great deal in the decision to let me have a…[Read more]

  • I am on my 10th cycle of Revlimid and have been taken off treatment for a month whilst I underwent a Prostate operation and had a couple of teeth out. I expect to go back on treatment at the end of Aug. In the grand scheme of things, I was informed, this should not make a lot of difference. I go in Friday to see my Consultant and it will be…[Read more]

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