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    Could you help on how to buy a mattress suitable for myeloma patients? I have a number of lytic lesions throughout my spine and don’t know where to start looking. Is there any type or make that you have found that might be suitable for my problem



    Hello Shaz

    Sorry to hear that you are having back problems, but you ask a very good question, especially since we all spend a lot of time in bed. My spine collapsed by four inches when I was first diagnosed and have experienced the same problems. Fortunately, my condition has stabilised with treatment and exercise.

    You are probably best talking to your healthcare team first since everyone is different and individual. They may refer you to a physiotherapist who could advise.

    I found that placing a board under the mattress helped to give support and also buying a new mattress. Personally I have found the beds used by Premier Inn to be the most comfortable ( no commercial interest) and you can buy them online, but they are not cheap. We have one at home and find it very comfortable.

    Another tip … I used the nordic walking poles when I go out to help support my back, again an easy win, but very useful.

    Hope this helps.

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