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    I went to the hospital yesterday to find Peter looking nice and rosy pink with full face instead of the gaunt look that he has had of late.
    He regailed me with the story of Sunday lunch roast which he said was vile and asked me to go get him a Big Mac. Not had one of those in years.
    I decided to take him for a walk and put him in the car (dressing gown and slippers) drove to the city centre for the big Macs and we drove to a lovely park near to the hospital where they were devoured with gusto by both of us.
    I took him back and deposited him in his room where he had not been missed and he felt like a naughty child for running away to eat. Loved the moment and no doubt the adventure allowed him to sleep easily.
    Depending on bloods he may be home today. We have no kitchen but there is a clean bedroom and so watch this space.
    Its now 5days since his transpant and we know there is possibly worse to come as it took 3 weeks last month for his numbers to drop and him to be admitted. Though admittedly he didnt have the benefit of his stem cell rescue.
    Strange expression.



    Hi Min haha I love the image of the pir of you tip-toeing out of the hospital for big macs!! I bet Pter felt a whole lot better as Sundays are horrible in hospital, apart from the lunches!! I hope he gets home today for a few days of normality , which you must both be desperate for. love Bridget x



    Hi Min

    You and Peter carried out "the great escape" well done! It does conjure up some picture. Great to hear that Peter felt well enough to do it. I have been following your posts and hope that Peter's results are good and that he gets home today. My best wishes to you both.

    Love Jean x



    Sounds like an side plot from a Carry On movie!!

    I am glad you managed to sneak him under the wire for a while!!




    Hi Min

    When I was first diagnosed and in hospital the food was so vile I was losing weight by the day so my husband and daughter smuggled in my preference large Mac D's cheeseburgers I am sure they kept me alive
    Hope Peter is home and well soon

    Love Jo:-P



    Thank you one and all
    He made it, got him home just in time to throw up! Said he had had salad for lunch. Followed by yogurt
    Whats all that about then. I thought these SCT patients had to have a neutropenic diet. Doesnt anyone check that men as dopy as my husband should not have this kind of food.
    Ah well perhaps it was just excitement at the thought of coming home and camping out…Seeing as i don't have a working kitchen yet.
    But the bits I have got are absolutely bleeding wonderful. Im actually getting excited now, which is quite a pleasant feeling after so much doom and gloom. Roll on Wednesday when its finished. Might just get the champagne out
    But the more immediate plan is to have a good nights sleep for a change…Bliss




    Hi Min

    What a hoot, are big macs classed as part of a neutropenic diet?!!

    Hope all is still bleeding wonderful with the kitchen

    Sleep well

    Sarah xxx

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