My father

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    Dear Sarah

    Deepest sympathy to you and your family on the death of your dad. Family is everything at this terrible time and I am glad you have your sister.

    Take care, love and prayers are with you.

    Love Jean xx



    Hi Sarah,

    Did your father wake or did his snoring soften to a sigh before he slipped away? From what I have read in your posts I think that if it had been my father I would have preferred the latter… as a matter of fact that is exactly just how my father went, after five years of holding Lung Cancer at bay.

    He had a bed made up in the downstairs living room and a couple of nights before passing he gave a gentle and slow running commentary of a collection up of horses and jockeys that were lining up along the branches of a large elm tree in a field opposite the house, describing the build and nature of the horses and the colours of the jockey's silks. He was very lucid and then suddenly said, 'This is bl**dy stupid' and tried to climb out of bed. My sister calmed him and gave him a sleeping tablet. As he settled back down he smiled at her and managed to say that he had the body of a seven year old and a mind to match… only the mind was healthy and strong and fit for another thirty years or more. My sister says that he shook his head and settled down and went to sleep. He snored for twenty-four hours or so and then slipped away.

    After twelve hours or so of very deep sleep my sister phoned every one… and people frantically drove up to the house… my youngest brother arrived ten minutes late and was devastated… I was the only other one not to make it in time as I had taken the children camping to Devon for five days and only found out when my eldest daughter rang up her grand-mother on a whim… we had only arrived and put up our camper-trailer that morning… so we finished our holiday before coming home.

    I was numbed… we had been expecting his end for many months… no more treatments, just a journey to the end and it had taken a long, long time. Words and phrases around the theme of 'it's a blessing' were the general order of the day. I wasn't there to share them… but it was exactly how I felt… that at the end it was a blessing… but to this day I am still not sure exactly who for.

    Much love and regards Sarah, I am so glad that you are surrounded by your loved ones and their love at this time.:-)




    Hi Dai
    He never woke up just carried on snoring! My father was a very fit man going blind when gordon died he was very distressed and decided he no longer wanted to go on living.Very sad but that is what he wanted.

    Dai I just love the way you write and describe the way you feel it is wonderful.




    Dear Sarah so sorry your father has passed away , life just doesnt seem fair . But having read your last post he died as he wanted to Grieving will come Sarah but its not surprising you feel numb at the moment with losing both Gordon and your dad in such a short space of time Lots of love Sarah Bridget xx



    Sending you cyberhugs and condolences, Sarah.

    As the others have written already, it is no surprising that you feel no special extra grief at the moment after the hammer blows you have had lately.

    I hope all goes well for your family over the next few months as you all come to terms with events.




    Hello sarah
    So sorry to hear of your fathers passing me and kev are sending you and your family our sympathy and love

    Love & hugs liz & kev xxxx



    Dear Sarah.

    You are certainly going through the mill. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you.

    Love from Gill xxx

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