Necrosis of the jaw

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    Hi Looking for advice my Husband has Zometa monthly, he had a filling at the dentist recently and was given his Zometa 2 days after this. He has since developed pain in his jaw, I suddenly remembered about the potential side effect of necrosis of the jaw. This month he called ahead to see if the infusion should go ahead, and he was told shouldn’t have had it last month as there should have been a delay of 6 weeks between the filling and the Zometa, noone asked him or told him this before Unfortunately noone at the hospital is interested in the jaw, in fact they told him to attend A and E , which he refused to do as that seemed a ludicrous suggestion,and a futile exercise. I guess he will need to revisit the dentist, but the last visit was over £500., and the dentist doesnt do anything on the NHS. Anyone have any suggestions? Also how easy is it, and how do you go about transferring care to another hospital where the Haematologist is a Myeloma specialist, my Husband is so low, and this is just another thing to add to his worries.



    Hello Deb,
    I have experience on similar when my dentist decided to remove a tooth while on Zometa.

    I will not go into side affects but it was unpleasant due to fact that the dentist knowing I was on Zometa should not have undertaken the procedure he also saw the side affects thereafter , probably I’d say he will not do it again.

    Eventually I was referred to oral surgeon in the hospital, immediately I stopped zometa and had jaw X-rays and they found that I had Osteonecrosis of the jaw.

    I’ve been under the surgeon in hospital for about two years, monitoring essentially. The good news is that my jaw appears to have recovered and it looks like I’ll be discharged early next year.

    I never went back on Zometa which was a shame, but my Consultant said he was not too concerned.

    I’d go to A and E as they will and should X-ray the jaw. He needs a special head scan of the complete jaw, dentist don’t have the correct machines to do a full head scan.

    They will immediately see if there is damage, and very likely refer you to Oral Surgeon in the hospital if needed.

    What I would recommend is don’t have more Zometa , unless you are cleared by Oral specialist and Haematology Consultant.

    Stay strong, it’s hard but there is hope.

    I’m due for my quarterly review first week in Jan, it will be four years in March since my transplant and still in remission.




    Hi Mike, Thank you for responding and for the advise, my Husband as of yet hasnt got any further,he is trying to avoid A and E cant understand why the team at the hospital cant just make the referral for the x Ray’s or scans required, he has today tried to talk to the hematology team and the GP with no joy. I am sure he will some how get sorted, just very frustrating! Kicking myself for not being more on the ball re the dental treatment and the Zometa, but as you say the dentist should have realized as he is fully aware that Husband has it monthly (certainly wont have anymore at the moment). Pleased you are in remission, and wishing you all the best, Debs.

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