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    Hi all.
    I sometimes struggle to get the required fluid through me :-0 it's hard drinking water with all those drugs affecting your taste buds. Tea, coffee and juices help but I find that beer 😛 works well for me when my drug regime allows – hic, cheers and yamas. 😎

    Every day is a gift.

    A sober Andy.



    Hi All

    We are new to this forum but have read with interest and some trepidation your threads.

    My husband was diagnosed with MM in Jan which as you are all aware comes as a huge shock. We currently live in France so diagnosis was speedy. John sees the specialist every three months for checks. The last one was not good so chemo and stem cell harvesting was discussed as a treatment if the results continued to be poor, we will now more at the next beetling next month.

    My really big question please, is , we have put our house up for sale here and are planning to return to the UK, we thought it would be easier to communicate and understand specialists who speak in our own language. Obviously we cannot move until we have sold our property but meantime I am trying to research the best areas for us to live which have excellent MM units. Not an easy task as we hate large cities and certainly couldn't afford to live in London.

    Does anyone have any experience of Royal Devon hospital in Exeter, or perhaps Somerset. Any ideas or suggestions of where we can successfully combine quality care for John and rural ish life style would be so much appreciated. At the moment it feels a lonely old world.




    Hi Kathy

    Welcome,it all comes as such a shock,plus moving back to UK .

    May I suggest you start your own post,easy to do,log on,go to newcomers,scroll down to bottom,right hand corner,says start discussion.
    The reason I say this,if you start with a in France,there are other English people on this forum Living in France and may be of some help to you,also your post will be more likely to be seen,than stuck on the end of someone's post.:-)

    If I am correct we have a few regulars on here that have connections to Exeter and you should get some reply,s

    Good Luck,hope to hear from you soon,and hope the good people on here can be of some help. Eve



    Hi Kathy,

    If you're looking to move back to the UK, try Leicestershire. The Leicester Royal Infirmary treats MM sufferers I believe so you're not hours away, the county isn't particularly expensive to live in, except Market Harborough but that's on the mainline to London. Countryside on the east side is lovely – around Melton Mowbray. You're in the Leicestershire Wolds which is like the Cotswolds but better because it's off the beaten track. Avoid Rutland, too expensive, too pretentious for my liking and too small to fund itself – sorry to Rutlanders but been there, seen it and much prefer Melton.

    However after all that, why come back to the UK? the French are supposed to have very good health care, the international language for medicine is English so there should be some understanding and there is a lot of political interfering with the NHS at the moment as well as financial controls.

    We live in Germany and I was diagnosed with MM just 6 weeks after arriving. I spoke very little German but found I was able to communicate with the doctors. The nurses helped me learn German by not speaking any English, admittedley the French culture is different to the Germans but I have found them to be just as caring and helpful as the Germans in the past.

    Now you've joined this exclusive club, let us know how you get on.



    Hi Kathy.
    I can endorse what Richard has said, I think I mentioned this on another posting. I live in Rural South Leicestershire, we have some very attractive villages here, great train service to London via Rugby, good motorway access for M1/M6 etc and if you choose your spot, property prices are good!
    More importantly the Leicester Royal Infirmary has an excellent reputation for the treatment of Myeloma, they are a very dedicated team, very caring and very positive, none of the problems that others on these postings seem to have encountered.
    I have no complaints about the treatments that I have recieved from them.
    I can always give you more info if you require it.
    Regards Tony F



    Hi Kathy I live in Taunton Somerset. I was diagnosed with MM in 2009 and am now moving onto 3rd line treatment.

    I would recommend the Musgrove Park Hospital. It has a dedicated Cancer centre in the Beacon Centre and I believe that I have had first class service from all of the staff. It does not have Prof or other noted person dealing with MM but all the same the Treatment is good.

    I wish you the best of luck

    Kindest regards – vasbyte


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