Paraprotein levels?

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    After a year of good health and remission post SCT…my husband went for his 3 month check and the paraprotein is showing in his bloods again… was unmeasurable for the year and is only just showing now. Very low level…

    They said not to get hung up on the numbers, and didn’t seem too concerned, but we don’t really understand what this means?  His health is still good, bloods all ok, but is this still classed as remission?





    Hello Adelaide56,

    Don’t know whether this will help as I have never been interested in the details of my myeloma. I tend to treat it as an unwelcome intrusion in my life. First diagnosed in November 2006. Had CTD followed by SCT. Had full remission for about 5 years. When seeing my consultant for my check ups all I ask is how are my bloods. When on treatment the answer was, everything going in the right direction, then when in remission all ok no signs. Really that was all I needed to know although he did go through everything. So cannot answer your question with specific numbers but remember when the it started to come back in 2012 he also did not seem too concerned. My recollection is that he wanted to see if the numbers continued to rise or remain stable. After I think about another 2 or 3 blood tests over several months the counts continued to rise slowly. When it reached a certain level, again I don’t know what that was he asked if I would like to leave it until the next test or start treatment again. I decided to start treatment again and had CDT followed by another SCT in 2013. Again have achieved full remission. My impression was that when it showed again it was very low and did not require treatment and that it may just be a blip and drop or stay at that level. As in my case it continued to rise and reach a level where treatment was required.
    Hope this helps. Am quite happy to answer any other specific questions (if I can) about my experience. I’m afraid though I have taken your teams advice and don’t get hung up with numbers.
    Best wishes



    Hi Kevin

    thanks for the reply…my husband and I read it and he feels much like you do, that myeloma is an unwelcome intrusion to his, and my life!

    We feel we have to just take the advice from the medical team as to what and when treatment may become necessary.  Meanwhile we intend to get on with our lives.

    wish you well






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