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    Eve I had chicken pox aged 28 I was delirious and could see spiders climbing up the walls. The pain was unbelievable. When my kids had it as children they were absolutely fine

    My daughter was terribly ill when she caught measles and was close to being hospitalised but we were told not to have her vaccinated because she suffered from febrile…[Read more]

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    Hi Eve and Slim I don’t log on very often and I was sorry to hear that Slim had been so unwell, but things seem to have improved a great deal since you changed hospitals.

    None of us are oblivious to just how life threatening mm is, and I think the quality of life is paramount.

    As you know Stephen died in 2012 aged 57. Up until a few weeks…[Read more]

  • Hi Sarah

    I don’t post very often but still have a look now and again to see how people are getting on.

    It is a very hard decision you are faced with especially as you have years of work ahead of you. My husband was diagnosed in 2008 just after his 53rd birthday I was 5 years older (I always said he was my toy boy but my daughter told me he…[Read more]

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    My husband (Stephen) died 15 months ago in September 2012 It was 3 months before Christmas and I was still shocked at how fast the end came and, looking back, probably quite numb. I turned down all the very kind invites for Christmas day and just got on with another day.

    It is hard this year I have spent Christmas day on my own (by choice I did…[Read more]

  • I don’t come on here very often now but I know that Corsodyl toothpaste and mouthwash really helped Stephen

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    Hi Tom so sorry to hear your news but there seems to be a great many new drugs coming on the scene to keep mm in control.

    I know that everybody on here has their fingers crossed that your medics find the right one for you to kick the blasted disease into touch for a long time.

    Much Love Gill xxx

  • My Husband, Stephen, died in September 2012 I don’t remember much about that Christmas. Stephen and I didn’t rate Christmas much after the children had grown up and left home. They visited some time over the holiday but M.I.L always expected the kids to spend Christmas with her and D.I.L. and I wanted to be on my own. I will be on my own (by…[Read more]

  • Good luck and Good health to you all.

    But please remember how long you lived is not so important as how well you lived, how much you and those around you enjoyed your life and the legacy you left behind

    Stephen died last September, young, needed and missed by all who loved him.

    Please don't feel as though it is all doom and gloom Eve but…[Read more]

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    I hate mm I wish Keith and Sue all the strength they need to have in the coming weeks Gill xxxx

  • Dear Tanya

    I am so sorry for the grief and pain you are feeling. I am also thankful that your dad's end was peaceful, pain free and you were with him.

    Stay in touch if you would like support. No doubt you will be very busy over the next few days but we will be here when you need a few words of sympathy and encouragement.

    Love from Gill xx

  • Thanks Tom

    Yes to be dead 2 months after the photos were taken is unbelievable. But my garden is still amazing and a tribute to Stephen's skill, ability and vision. I am lucky to have so many reminders of what he achieved. House transformed, garden pretty damn good, 2 naughty little Westies (the jury is still out on that:-) love them really…[Read more]

  • Hi Everybody

    Just to share some other memories I found in that camera. On a couple of the other photos on the memory stick more of the garden is showing behind Stephen.

    For 5 years after moving in here we concentrated on making the house "habitable" Ok we had running water, a smelly working loo, and windows, although we couldn't see out of…[Read more]

  • I am glad that your dad is comfortable and not in pain. I think that, apart from willing our loved ones to get better and not leave us, a peaceful and pain free end is something we all hope for.

    Do keep in touch. Nobody on here can change what is to be but people can give you support,heartfelt sympathy and kindness

    Gill xx

  • I had the photo printed off at a camera shop. They printed off a 5 x 7 and framed it. It is "very Stephen" kind eyes, dog lover, calm personality and "sticky out ears" . He was never vain but I know he would have said "I am sure my ears are getting bigger. Trust you to get the sun shining through them to make them look even worse :)"


  • I don't know if I mentioned that I sorted through Stephen's cameras and came across a memory stick in one that had not seen the light of day. You can imagine my joy and tears to discover this I think they are the last pictures taken of Stephen before he died. His hair has grown back pointing the opposite way from before chemo and he was obviously…[Read more]

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    I have missed so many posts on here since Stephen died that I did not register that Slim was unwell. There is so little I can say I can only send you kind thoughts and love.

    Gill xx

  • I do feel that I have moved forward a little in many ways. It is now 7 months since Stephen died and although I still find it hard I am managing to cope but I find that I can't talk to him now without breaking down uncontrollably.

    Maybe talking to him sounds silly, but I often chatted away. Silly everyday things. Not all day just now and…[Read more]

  • Sandie

    I posted that 19 months ago and yes the second lump was mm. Stephen died. aged 57, on the 11th September 2012. He had mm for 4 years. He got very little remission. and 2 days after he was told he had 2 years left he got very ill and died within 4 weeks

    Perhaps you don't read all the posts put on here


  • What a lovely post David Love from Gillxx

  • Firstly welcome and hello to all the new people that have joined this site.
    I am so sorry that you have had to join a club where nobody wants to be a member. Having said that you will get more support on here than anywhere else

    Could I please ask everybody to just give a little bit more info on their profile eg How old are you? Is it you or a…[Read more]

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