• Perkymite posted an update 8 years, 3 months ago

    Hy guys and gals, or are we all now just guys?

    Had an exciting weekend spending many hours waiting in my local hospital. I have a DVT just above the right knee and am now on Clexane injections, indefinitely I am told by the Pharmacist ! They are now consulting the Hematology dept to find out if will affect my treatment with Revlimide. Anybody got any current experience of this?

    kindest Regards – vasbyte


    • Hello PerkĂ˝mite

      Allan my better half had a similar problem when on chemo and was advised by the Consultant (at Musgrove, Taunton) that because one of the drugs was thalidomide it was likely to cause blood clots so I was prescribed aspirin. Part way thro treatment I developed painful legs and was advised to return to Musgrove, have an ultra scan which showed two clots in my leg. I was then given immediately the injection equipment to start injecting alternate sides of my lower stomachs. After a week of looking like a blue pin cushion I mastered it myself. This continued only when on treatment so I no longer have to do it. The tablet mentioned sounds a better option, but like yourself until recently for the past 18 maths or so I only need to visit the Consultant 3 mthly. I know at some stage this will change like yourself. I get bone pain mostly at night and take sodium clodronate tablets for bone strengthening and calcium tablets. At some stage I should go the drip. Para protein levels hover around the 14 mark. On a lighter note I realise I’ve gone from reporting on behalf of Allan to him telling me what to say, so please forgive the grammar!!!