• hy if you can fit a holiday around your treatment then do so i always run it passed my consultants. and shes happy if i a m feeling well.i had gap in velcade treatment off a week and enjoyed some sun in tenerife did us both the world of good came back ready to fight the fight xx. annlynne

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    hya mickack i also like you had transplant in 2014 but relapsed 2016 after two year remmision talk of me having second sct was nervous about doung it again but well well see i was freeman also i know i got through it but its hard so ill have to make a decision my daughter getts married in september so it wont be before that take care. annlynne

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    yea spoke to consultant yesterday shes happy with me going she acually said. it would set me. up nicely for the next two !!! mind she also asked if id consider a second sct. now thats somethig ill have to think long and hard about xxxx annlynne

  • annlynn replied to the topic PP's going up in the forum General 5 years, 5 months ago

    4 cycles down having a sun holiday sunday to tenerife then 2 more to do its been ok sleepless nights on steriod. days little bit nauseous but on the whole not bad. proteins. down from 25 to 6 already so all positive xxx ann lynne

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    stay strong susie mine jumped up in october had four cycles of velcade two more to go give yourself a few days to be angry and upset then lookahead you will find your inerstrengh. good luck. annlynnexxx

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    wel here we go again 2nd line treatment started velcalade dex and chemo the steriods are the worse the ups the downs the tears but got to be done moving house at the same time would like to run c away till next week keep teling myself this will get me back in remmision soon so its worth it good luck to all on treatment and all starting new.…[Read more]

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    so lovely to hear your still up and running fighting the fight !! moving house and sepsis .BRAVE were downsizing to so much stuff ive just had 5days hospital to calcium to high blood to low home and sorted started 2line treatment yesterday VCD cause the beasts raising its head again . never mind lets get back on the. us xxxx annlynne best…[Read more]

  • on reflection rebecca belly dancing. i think night be my new think xx

  • as always a lovely reasuring post thanks rebecca had a night in hospitall two pints blood feel much better xxthanks

  • Why oh Why is it that we get one thing sorted then something else rears its ugly head ..Had to have the dreaded camera yesterday because red bloods keep dipping luckily after working myself in to a frenzy all is well healthy happy bowel !!!!! glad something is lol. still breathless and back pain so what:) now ????? well thats my little moan…[Read more]

  • so sorry for theway things have progressed for you i have had six months cdt treatment then stem cell transplant twoo year ago so in remmission at the minute i havent had half the treatment that you have had i hope rebbeca from this forum picks up your post she is a insperation to me and very knowledgeable about. mm. good luck . annlynne

  • nothing to do with myeloma andy but is the weather in greece still good end of september do you know .Never been to Greece just Rhodes a long time ago but fancy it instead of tenerife x. annlynne

  • Hope you got. to. greece andy and enjoyed every minute of it. im looking. for something for. early october. hopefully get. my. back. problem sorted. f irst best wishes annlynne

  • hy mavis and andy long time since i saw a post from either of you ! pleased your still holidaying andy . just picked up on your post mavis about zometa and back pain. i was tolld last month protiens rising abet slowley. but still rising then this last two weeks. my. back pain is. back with a vengence right. hip and left upper back especialy if…[Read more]

  • we must stay optimistic only way im. Aware its not curable but treatable treatemts changing weekly. hang on in everybody. xx

  • so very very sorry for your loss we hear of lots of people who have long remmisions but we sometimes forget the people with myeloma who dont get the luxury of time. my thoughts are with you xx ann lynne

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    hy susie. ive. had many. holidays. during. my journey but usually planned them to coincide. with the end of. treatment i do know people who have had there medication. with them. and. conti ued with it. it will probably depend. on. were your. traveling. to and how well you ceel on. treatment. good.luck. annlynne

  • what a brave lady you are to have lived with all of this for so long but also very lucky that your husband has survived so much !!!! There is no preventive drug. justdrugs to keep our awfull cancer at bay. for as long. as we can most people on this. site have had SCT. but a. few. have had. donner transplants i dont know much about. those ones…[Read more]

  • hello love. im like most people on this site si x months chemo. then sct in the freeman seventeen days. awful in some ways but well worth it. imnow. nearly. two year remmision a d. so happyto be here and still doing ok. ye. i. had to retire work and i miss it ii was a court usher for many years but. i. coud t be on my feet all day. i have.…[Read more]

  • Did anyone watch last nights programe about cancer. im still not sure if i wished i haddened watch it. or not cryed my eyes out for that poor womens children makes it all to real ann

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