• Thanks Carole for replying, I think its loss of appetite with him and the chemo completely made him lose his taste buds, but will encourage him to eat as you say just small amounts. He’s having a rest off his meds at the moment to give him time to recover after his last infection and an allergy to 3 of his meds which has resulted in an awful rash…[Read more]

  • My wonderful husband was diagnosed with myeloma on 12/02/15. Started on the myeloma X1 trial, he has been in hospital more than out! he almost managed the first cycle but is now at home, feeling very tired every day and struggling to eat. He cannot face the fortisip/juice etc so at my wits end to try and get him to eat. He manages little amounts…[Read more]

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  • My husband has very recently been diagnosed with myeloma and we are meeting with our consultants on where we are going to go with the treatments etc, trial, etc. I’ve gone into panic mode and think that I should be giving up work to be at home with him. Should I wait and see how his treatment will affect him, does he need me to be at home. I don’t…[Read more]

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