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    Thank you Rebecca,

    Your information was very helpful, sometimes the appointments with the consultants are a little confusing with the language they use so it’s nice to be able to read what’s about to happen in black and white! Mum went into hospital today so we shall see how she takes to this treatment. Fingers, toes and whatever else are cro…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    my Mum was diagnosed with Myeloma in October 2017. She was put on VTD and we were told after 5/6 cycles she’d be going to Marsden for a Stem Cell Transplant. This was all going really well, we were half way through the 4th cycle last week when her bloods came in and her paraprotein levels went from 6.2 to 28 in 5 days. We were told that t…[Read more]

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