• Hi Steve,

    My general health was good. This was discovered when I went to GP about left hip problem and saw the Orthopeadic consultant.

    Full recovery was about 3 months

    I manage day to day with some limitations.

    Endrgy levels for me can be low with need to rest when body tells me to. I have learned not to be “macho” and accept the limitations.…[Read more]

  • Hi Steve, I my SCT last November in Southampton Hospital.

    I don’t  think you have to be “very strong” but you do have to be prepared for the possible unpleasant side effects of the treatment.

    With out to much detail here it is a decision you will have to make after reading up on the treatment and whether it is for you.

    I was in for 3 weeks.…[Read more]

  • Hi Shelagh,

    Sorry to hear about your husband, makes it more difficult at a younger age.

    I went through all stages and treatment before SCT. Sorry to say that I only got 10 months remission and now just finishing my 7th cycle of treatment again but will not be doing the SCT.

    My main point is that with all medical procedures nothing is…[Read more]

  • graemeandrewartha replied to the topic Tiredness in the forum Newcomers 6 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Julie,

    Having been through what your husband is going through and SCT my main recommendation is listen to your body. Do not fight the tiredness and if possible go for a lie down or rest.

    My Myeloma came at a time when I could retire (67) which allowed me to rest etc. I dont know how younger people who may have to work deal with it.

    We men do…[Read more]

  • Hi Alex

    Sorry to hear about your dad and the possible outcome that it may be Myeloma.

    I was 67 and had been sent to orthopaedic for a “pain” in the hip last year. Based on his knowledge and CT scan I was sent to Haemotology for further tests and Multiple Myeloma was diagnosed. I too have lesions and tiny holes all over but touch wood none…[Read more]

  • Good day Lynn

    Sorry to hear your news about your other half.

    I to was diagnosed with MM at 67 with all relevant bone lesions. There are others on this forum who can help you with what all the relevant test results mean, I personally do not take much of that in but my consultant is excellent and he tells me if all results are going in the “right…[Read more]

  • Good day Angela

    I had my SCT last November and have just received a letter informing me that I am now due my Vaccinations. But no live ones.

    The SCT as explained to me kills of all past vaccinations. Before leaving SCT I had a course of something to prevent pneumonia and since then have been on Aciclover, Pennicilin & Co-Trimoxazle.

    I did have…[Read more]

  • Hi Graeme,

    I completed my SCT last November and at present am in remission but still taking relevant drugs as the immune system improves.

    SCT can be very painful and unpleasant but is very doable. Mine was 3 weeks exactly in Southampton Unit with approx 6 weeks after at home before feeling really well enough to do anything.

    It is in my opinion…[Read more]

  • Hi to you all that replied and thank you for your suggestions.

    I have been to Australia and returned via Hong Kong.

    My online insurance was very reasonable. When I can I will get onto my laptop and find the name of it. Frozen out with Windows 10 at moment.

    For Australia it is worth remembering that there is a reciprocal arrangement similar to…[Read more]

  • Hi Jill

    Thank you for the feedback, sorry for the delay in replying.

    I will try the charcoal tablets first and then if they do not work will start looking at my food intake.



  • Hi to all. I hope someone may have the answer to my problem. Since diagnosed with MM in March 2014 I have had 5 sessions of radio therapy, the complete course of chemo and am now 7 months since my SCT. I feel good and am in remission.

    The down side is since coming out of SCT I have had the noisest  rumbling stomach imaginable. It can be heard…[Read more]

  • Hi Brian, sorry to hear about your delay. I too come under QA and had my SCT at Southampton.

    You can only go with the delay and enjoy all you can prior to your SCT. My delay was due to having a dose of “man flu”. However once clear and office informed I was then told to wait for a call. I think they can only give you initially a period in time as…[Read more]

  • Hi Ladybird

    No question is silly when it comes to MM and how you can assist your partner.

    Not sure from you your post how long you are looking for to stay in Sutton. Do you drive, how far away are you from Sutton. I was curious about your dilemma and looking around Sutton  not many dog friendly hotels, were you thinking of leaving it in the…[Read more]

  • Hi Andrea

    Congratulations on completing your SCT.  Mine was end of November 2014 and like you had sickness and in my case severe sore throat.

    However the point is its doable and anyone reading these views and advice on how to get through it will, I hope, be heartened. The staff at all these hospitals seem wonderful and I can add Southampton to…[Read more]

  • Hi Mervyn

    Welcome to the forum even though we would rather not be here.

    I am 68 and reasonably fit. I was working up to last year until my leg became to painful for stairs and ladders.

    I have recently been through SCT at Southampton Hospital. Yes it is unpleasant but as all will tell you it is doable.

    There are ways to alleviate or help you…[Read more]

  • Many thanks for replies.



  • Thanks to all for thoughts on travel insurance.

    I am lucky and feel so well at the moment but will need insurance and will not travel without it as not worth the risk.



  • Hi Alan

    I completed my SCT late November 2014.

    The bottom line is it ‘aint pleasant but as others will tell you it is doable.

    The staff I had were brilliant (Southampton General Hospital) and at all times I had a problem, sickness, sore throat etc they came up with a solution (normally in a bag)!!!!

    Take advice already on this website as to…[Read more]

  • Hi, I  went on the same additional drugs with no ill effects and I am 67.

    Your dad needs to remember that it was the pregnant women that had the problems with thalidomide not the men.

    He will, if same as my wife and I, get a “safe  sex” lecture because of what it can do to women who get pregnant. At 67 & 66 it raised a smile with us a…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the reply Maureen,

    I have been going through the Internet and have found a company for £789.00 covering my Multiple Myeloma and Crohns for 31 days.

    This was done via their Web site so further checks required. I will make a note of yours and look into it.



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