• Husband had 2 auto transplants. Relapse for 3rd time in Nov. Now om Revlamid and Dex. Paraprteins are coming down nicely, last reading is 6.7. Wonder what happens in future. Does he stay on this forever? Does he come off and go on something else. Question is. What happens next. Goimg to ask at our next appt bit wanted views. Ty.

  • Thanks Kevin. You had a good remission between both SCTs didn’t you? It’s goid to hear from you. Thanks

  • Hi all. My hubby is going into the Christie hospital 11th Dec. For his first transplant he was in hospital for 4 weeks. This is his 2nd.  I realise everyone is different but nice to get an idea. Drs say to expect 4weeks. Hopefully followed by a reduced intensity allo in spring. He is 50. Thanks

  • Thanks all for your relies to my comment to.

    House fires, car fires, toxins and chemicals I believe after my research and questions to various doctors and consultants are linked to MM.  Indications were given to us that there are links to farmers and firefighters and that’s just after our small amount of researching and questioning.

    Who is ever…[Read more]

  • Richard

    Nice to hear about your experience. My husband is in Christie in Manchester at mo.  Just has autologous last week. Not good at mo but expected. He’s 47 now. His siblings have had blood tests and just waiting results do we will know whether they are match for allogeneic transplant. Tandem transplant I believe?  Such a massive decision to t…[Read more]

  • Hi all, my husband is a firefighter and has MM.  On researching any links to this career and MM there does appear to be a link. When we asked consultant he would only say that he was seeing too many firemen. Says it all.

    Any other firefighters out there?


    N Wales

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    Good luck Izzy. Hope it all went well. My husbands on 3rd cycle and Pps are 17 and SCT is in his sights. Keep us posted on your progress

    Leza x

  • lesj,  Such sad news for you. I can’t imagine how you must feel but hope you have siblings, friends and family to give you hugs and help you during the forthcoming months. Big hugs x leza

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    What an inspirational you are. My husband was diagnosed with MM three weeks ago. He starts chemo on Friday. we have gone through a full range of emotions as the thought of what’s to come is very un nerving and scary tbh.

    It is so reassuring to hear your experiences.

    Thanks for sharing your story And have a fab time at the wedding


  • Hi there

    new to this forum but here goes…

    my husband Phil was diagnosed with MM just over a week ago. His symptoms seem to mirror yours. He is a firefighter and broke a run last year. Suffered infections he could not shake off to. He also sneezed and thought he pulled his shoulder out and has physio etc.

    He is on steroids at the moment and…[Read more]