• Hi Sharon. Thankyou very much for your advice. I do hope you get good results and well done for getting through your treatment. Mick has bone marrow biopsy this Thursday and starts chemo Tuesday 10th march. I have several numbers to ring should Mick develop problems but I am absolutely scared for both of us. The last time I saw chemo was for my…[Read more]

  • Hi

    Im currently getting ready for a very long journey with my husband with his amyloid treatment.

    He is getting ready for the VCD treatment and we are very scared and unsure what to expect.

    is there anyone else caring that could give me the advice needed.


  • I took my husband to the royal free on  12th & 13th Feb. he was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis, it is in his spleen, kidneys and liver and heart. Its suspected it is in his bowel as he has got colitis to. WHERE do we start????

    We are waiting for a bone marrow biopsy appointment and then the specialist says mick is to start 6 months of valcade,…[Read more]

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