• Hi

    My mum has light chain multiple myeloma and had a SCT in 2015. She has recently been told her light chains have increased. They seem to be increasing by about 10-13 per month, now sitting at 60 which I know is low, however, the consultant convinced the myeloma is active again. Its all very worrying and uncertain. She has now had biopsy and…[Read more]

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    Hi Paul,

    My mum has light chain MM and been on curcumin

    For about 3 months now. We get it from Holland and Barrett


  • Hi Scott,

    i didn’t know that re light chains, that’s good to know for when we go back again to the hospital as mum has had a bad cough too so wonder if that could be a reason?! Let me know how you get on….


  • Hi Tahlia,

    how is your mum now? My mum was diagnosed just before Christmas 2014. She had a lot of symptoms that had been ignored by GP but it was still a big shock… Especially as none of us had heard of myeloma before! I found this website so useful… I also signed up to do a 10k in the January 2015, to raise money for myeloma. This helped us…[Read more]

  • Hi Scott,

    my mum has light chain MM and underwent chemotherapy followed by SCT in September 2015. We just found out she has fractured shoulder blade and subtly raised light chains (34). Consultant said they would have ignored increased light chains if it wasn’t for fracture so awaiting CT scan and biopsy. If anyone has any advice regarding…[Read more]

  • That’s it! She’s got this raging high temp but seems slightly more lucid than last night! Wish I could sleep next to her as I find night times the hardest, I don’t want to leave her! They do have accommodation for relatives but its normally booked quite quickly by parents of children who are in. We are an hours drive from hospital. I am hoping she…[Read more]

  • Hi Chris and Ann,

    thanks so much for your replies, both of which have given me comfort! She’s just been diagnosed today with an infection so on the antibiotics straight away! I know what you mean about telling people every detail and raising anxiety as one size doesn’t fit all and everyone different…. Think I was just at a low eb this morning…[Read more]

  • My mum has light chain myeloma and is in the process of the SCT. This is day 8 since cells were transplanted and she’s quite poorly, very weak, unable to eat, has had quite bad sickness and yesterday the diarrhoea started. We were told this could happen but hard to fully prepare yourself. I am hoping and praying once the GCSF injections start…[Read more]

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    Hi Karen,

    good luck with it…. I feel the same as you only still waiting for mums cells to get harvested!! It’s been a lot of back and forth this week but hopefully they will get harvested today. It’s the first hurdle we have faced but still frustrating none the less!! Then we need to wait for a date for transplant….


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    Hi Mervyn,

    thanks for that. It’s a very long, hard journey to take isn’t it?! At the moment she is 6 days into having the strong chemo…. Cell harvesting is set for tomorrow. Here’s hoping that they collect enough!!! Everyone’s stories are similar but different. Mum was diagnosed with myeloma just before Christmas 2014 and up until then I had…[Read more]

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    Hi mervyn good luck with it!! My mum is due to have transplant end August and is getting cells harvested on Monday. She is a tough cookie and is doing ok with the strong chemo she has been receiving this week, managing to eat, albeit small portions!!

    Hopefully it will all go well!!


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