• Hi everyone

    I haven’t actually been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma YET but my mind is in absolute overdrive due to what’s going on right now and suppose this is the place where people will understand

    Better start with my story.

    A little over a year ago I had my appendix removed and spent the holiday season watching Robbie Williams sing us into…[Read more]

  • Thank you very much for both of your posts.

    beetlejuice54321 – I wish you all the best buddie and congrats with all you’ve achieved!

    Annette, I’ll be asking what my scores are based on your post in a couple of weeks time so thanks again. Great help

  • Evening Forum

    So, I’m still coming to terms with my recent diagnosis of MGUS at 35yrs of age and this is my first post/reach out. It comes on the back of the worst xmas/new years ever!

    I’m an ex military man and never been ill in my life bar the odd cold. Always thought I was untouchable… Obviously not the case. Just before xmas I was struck…[Read more]

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