2nd SCT how long did everyone stay in hospital?

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    Hi all. My hubby is going into the Christie hospital 11th Dec. For his first transplant he was in hospital for 4 weeks. This is his 2nd.  I realise everyone is different but nice to get an idea. Drs say to expect 4weeks. Hopefully followed by a reduced intensity allo in spring. He is 50. Thanks



    Hello Leza
    I had my 1st SCT back in 2007 aged 49 and was in hospital for 17 days. I had my 2nd SCT in 2013 and was in hospital for 18 days. Both courses of treatment and the SCTs gave me full remission. As you say everyone is different but the doctors need to be sure you are well enough and able enough to cope with the big wide world before they let you out. My second SCT lasted until January this year and have just had some radiotherapy and assume will be stating full treatment again soon. Both my SCT were Auto.
    Best wishes to you both


    • Thanks Kevin. You had a good remission between both SCTs didn’t you? It’s goid to hear from you. Thanks


    love to check in to myeloma uk  now and then missing a few faces how is helen  how is andy how is tom I haven’t got a clue about Facebook so I’m struggling  is Rebecca doing ok hope so  and when I first joined I  enjoyed Scotty hawkers posts please if anyone knows how these people are doing let me know xxx



    Hi Ann – thanks for asking I am doing good – in a week I will be celebrating 5 years since diagnosis and 4 years post SCT – still in remission and drug free! Must admit as time goes by I get tetchy thinking when will my run of luck will end – as always with MM mind games when you relapse and mind games when in remission(tut) but I’ll take it! I am not on Facebook and haven’t heard from Andy and Helen for a while but both were starting a new treatment regime. Hope you are well and wish you all the best now and in the New Year (and yippee we have another year clocked up!)

    Rebecca x



    Hi there

    i haven’t been in here in a long time so quite a surprise to spot my name! Glad you found some of the early posts useful. I’m doing well thank you, almost 10 years since diagnosis and still here! All the best, Scotty.

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