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    Chemo YES Cancer YES. Ask your nurse. Phone your local council Stephen (mm) does not use his badge when he feels good & really loves the fact that he feels good. BUT when he is not well he can still get out and a little bit about by being close to shop, restaurant etc.



    Hi Gill
    Cannot agree more,at times i do not know how i would have managed our hospital parking,is so so so bad,plenty of spaces for staff,then patients,very little for disabled!!!
    I do not use it when Slim uses Sticks because i know how my daughter feels about people using disabled spaces,my grandchild has a large chair and needs lots of space,often when my daughter has been trying to park she finds people without b badge in parking spaces,she has been known to block them in!!:-P
    Were i live you can park any were in car parks and its free for disabled.:-)

    Blue badgers unite Eve



    Hear hear Its very useful for hospital appointments but Peter is not venturing very far these days. Although he did drag me to the cinema earlier this week for his Harry Potter fix.




    Hi Gill I couldnt agree more , on bad days it makes the world of difference to be able to park that little bit closer Whilst I understand how people get upset at misuseof blue badges I do get annoyed when they make judgements on how you lookSometimes I feel like brandishing an x-ray of my bones at them !! Blue Badgers ROCK!!!!



    Another happy to have a blue badge here too!

    Though my hubby has one becaue of his chronic back problems, it means I can park closer when on my own, and in some places not even have to pay for parking.

    We have discovered there are 4 disabled spaces near the rear entrance of the hospital which do not come under the rule of the car park moghuls, so often get not to pay for appointments even!! It does mean a loooong walk for Sam when I m going to specialist appointments, but as I now have a mobility scooter I can go to my zoledronate (sp?) sessions on my own and not make him push me in a wheelchair or take the chance of being able to find a "friend of the hospital" or porter to help me on my way.

    We enjoyed the luxury of sitting on the promenade at Lyme Regis eating ice cream yesterday where though it is not signed officially we know Blue Badgers can park for 3 hours free!

    Though, like most of you, I would prefer not to need the privilege I am grateful for it.




    Is it just in our area that people take up disabled bays without disabled badges? The other week there was a very large car parked sideways across 2 disabled bays at our cottage hospital. This is a small hospital with no A & E facility tucked away down country lanes. So I cannot believe the person that parked there was an A & E casualty.

    I have got so cross and am am sooo naughty that I have little squares of paper showing a disabled sign and underneath the words printed OOPs you forgot to display your badge. My daughter has started to carry them too

    If the disabled bays are full of cars with no badge and we cannot park anywhere near the hospital entrance I have been known to pop one under the windscreen wiper.

    Stephen hates me doing it and says don't bother, but somehow it makes me feel better (being bolshi again?)

    I should probably have been a traffic warden >:-(



    I love the fake badge idea – might copy that myself. I don't have a blue badge as I don't need one yet but I do so hate people taking up disabled spaces or the toddler spaces. My favourites are the idiots that park in those spaces cause they only have a small shop to do… ARGH! Maybe I should make a "you forgot your kids" sign and stick on their screens 😉




    My daughter has been known to say, within earshot of people that take up children's spaces, "OOH look kids there are some of those invisible babies again." She no longer needs childrens' spaces for her 2 as they are long out of the pushchair stage. But she has said to me that it is in the interest of others for mums getting prams etc out of cars as it means they don't hit your car door by mistake.




    Hi all
    gordon has now a blue badge, our macmillan nurse got one for us it arrived within 24 hours! used it for the 1st time today, to take gordon to hospital for emergency admission, not too sure if he will get to ever use it again.

    best wishes sarah



    Hi Sarah
    They can do so much these days,I am thinking about both of you,i try to hang on to the believe that were there is life there is hope.
    Sarah,be strong for Gordon,He has to believe he is going to make it.
    I look at Slim now and think about those days in heart goes out to you. love Eve



    Oh Sarah

    I do hope everything turns out OK. Stephen was admitted on the quick with an infection and is starting to feel better. I really hope it is the same for Gordon.

    I am sure you know that everybody on here is rooting for you both

    Love from Gill xxx



    Dear Sarah I hope they can get Gordon sorted out very soon . Fingers and toes crossed for you both lots of love Bridget x he will be using that blue badge before you know it !!xx



    Hi Sarah,
    I know your feeling very apprehensive at this time, but you know they can do some amazing things in hospital these days.
    I am sure they will do what ever is needed to get Gordon back on his tractor. Well maybe get him home first.
    I look back a few weeks to when Peter was soooo ill unable to get his breath his heart racing at break neck speed.
    I worried firstly if they knew what they were doing and when by the next day he was still very ill I got very very concerned.
    But these things take time. Patience is not one of my vertues but I can tell you to be patient and trust that they really do know how to deal with these things.
    I am keeping all the things crossed for you I can and hope you can use the Blue badge to bring him home.



    Hi all you lovley cyber friends

    Gordon hopefully home tomorrow, i think it is his call i can give his meds etc as well as the hospital, then 2-3 x weekly blood tests + blood and platlets as and when + revlamid and the rest!! I hope the treatment works, you have all been there and beyond. Have used the blue badge to deliver him to hospital and will use it again to collect, at least it will have had 2 outings!!

    with love sarah xx

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