Can I have a moan

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    We have spent the last 6 days out of 8 in a hospital.
    Do staff realise how ill these mm patients feel leaving them sitting waiting for either treatment or pills,god forbid they might use the brains they were born with.
    compassion goes a long way,it does not seem to exist one seems to know,what is happening there is no chain of treatment,you can brush off the first mistakes,but when it continues and you have to make sure,that you have been booked in for treatment,and three times its been missed.why why should I have any faith ,in staff in treatment,is it just us or is this nhs at its worst.common sense ,has got wrapped up in red tape.

    I feel better already is it me? no one else seems to moan about waiting hours for tablets,or lack of communication between departments,I just find it so frustrating,I have had my moan tomorrow is another day!!!!



    Hi Eve I am glad you feel better after getting that off your chest and thats one of the things thats so good about this site!! I do get frustrated by all the waiting around, the worst time is when you are waiting to go home from hospital and have to wait hours for drugs!! But now I try not to get too annoyed as it just makes me feel worse and doesnt change a thing . Hope you have a better day tomorrow and we get more sunshine love Bridget x



    Eve I know what you mean,
    We had a five hour marathon at hospital yesterday, Peter was going for his first ever immunoglobulin IV. Being given so we could go on holiday, I thought it would be like zometa, half an hour tops. Following which I was going to book a holiday
    How wrong was I and although it was all arranged and in the fridge had to wait for Dr to sign the form. Three bottles each taking an hour and zometa to follow(sort of like pudding!!!) Annoying as it may seem I am just grateful Some of those long waits mean….. some poor soul is having a hard time, just as Peter did at the outset, he got a lot of attention when he was 1st diagnosed and someone else was no doubt waiting for the attention he was getting.
    Its good to moan and I have done my fair share but hey as long as slim is getting better; maybe Im more laid back about it now I don't have to rush back to work or take time off.
    Pharmacies thats something I can agree with… In the old days the Dr gave you a script and the chemist made up your medicine or counted out your tablets. Then handed them over. Today they are all pre packed and ready boxed but it takes a whole team of pharmacists to give you them type out a label or 10 ! and it takes 30 minutes every time.
    They call it progress and innovation I call it frustration.



    Hi Bridget and Min

    Thanks for confirming it,s not me going mad ,just tired.At the stage Slim ,s going hot and cold both awake all night then hospital for consultant.He had not been given zometa into 6 week of treatment,told tuesday when taking blood,no zometa,told thursday phoned lunch time to make sure not forgotten phoned back come in 1 hour earlier at 3.30 instead of 4.zometa given at 4 oclock,still waiting for chemo drugs near 6 oclock,Not the nurses fault but the pharmacists needs a kick up the backside.This drug waiting has happened 3 times .No one can tell me after taking blood they have 48 hours to get drugs ready if they cannot do it take blood 3 days before not 2.!!!!

    Today I am not going to moan!!!It is such a lovely day,going out for a walk,we live by the sea,Slim in long johns plus heavy trouses on the grounds its easier to strip off if he is hot,I am getting some summer gear out.hope you can all enjoy this lovely weather.eve



    Hi Eve

    Sorry to hear you've had such rubbish treatment. You moan away, especially if it helps! 😀

    My biggest moan was waiting for the flippin' drugs from the hospital pharmacy. First I was told 45 mins to 1 hour wait, which is fairly standard, on hard uncomfortable benches, with back pain, fatigue and already tired from blood test and meeting consultant.

    Went back an hour later to be told it would be a further half an hour. This continued two more times before I blew my top and stormed out. Went off to have a pub lunch and came back later, giving a manager a bit of a mouthful, not so much about the wait, but about the poor communication. I intended to write a stinking letter, but decided I had better things to do with my time.

    I ended up spending the whole blasted day caught up with hospital stuff… not what you want/need when you feel rubbish and you've only got 10-15 years left to live!

    But, I did speak to the specialist nurse about it and it was much better this last visit, when we could collect it the next day and it was ready when I arrived.

    Hope your experience improves too.



    The Cancer Centre (Beacon Centre) at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton had only just opened when I was diagnosed, Jul 2009. My first 3/4 appointments were always late. The first one was a stunning 4 hours wait, apparently they could not find my hospital records eventually they told me and I told them where I knew them to be!!! Communication, Communication, Communication as Mr. T. Blair might have said.

    However, since that time they have been excellent and to be fair you have to put those earlier times down to ?The Learning Curve?. I go in for my appointment on time and the Staff are not only courteous they also have a good sense of humour.

    Like all Pharmacies there is a wait for your pills, normally 30 to 40 minutes and that I think is fair, However I live only literally 5 minutes walk from the hospital so I always go back for my pills.

    Kindest regards




    Hi All

    Keep moaning it does help! i have worked for many years in the NHS as a nurse and for the last 9 years a carer for my husband as well, who has had 2 sct. At times i am so ashamed of my profession and at others in awe! The red tape today is awful, sometimes for good but not often.Gordon has learnt to keep abreast of what is going on and question if he feels drugs are not forthcoming when they should. On day 4 after his sct he moved wards and did not have GCSF for three days, which is a vital drug to kick start the bone marrow, we should have realised, as should the staff, things go wrong, very scary when it is your/my loved one. Complaing is a must it hopefully will stop it happening again, trouble is we all feel vunerable and feel to complain will not help when treatment is needed.

    Love to you all in this wonderful weather, i wish Gordon felt better and i did not feel so terribly frightened.

    Sarah xx



    Hi Eve,

    Glad you have had a moan, it then allows the rest of us to follow suit and let you know you are not alone! My Dad is being looked after by 3 different hospitals which don't communicate they all just deal with the part of him that they specialise in, they don't look at him as a whole person which is very frustrating as all conditions are linked but if we mention one of the other symptoms another hospital is looking at we are told that is "on the back burner" which is totaly not the case. I share in your frustration that everything takes soo long and considering we have emails/scanners etc they should all be upto speed with the various elements of my Dads condition.

    Sorry to rant but it does feel good to let of some steam!

    Best Wishes Clara xxxx



    You moan all you like Eve. Why not? I must say that we do not seem to have the type of problems that others here seem to have with getting prescription meds.

    They seem to issue a prescription for us to take to our local chemist and then it gets filled. Sometimes we have to go back to the chemist's after a few hours while they get it in and sometimes the following day but as it is just around the corner from our house it is not a problem. We are obviously lucky Gillxx



    Hi eve

    its good to get these things off your chest when I go to see my consultant he is always an hour over time as they double book him we waited four and a half hours once and then when i needed Thalidamide I had to wait two hours every time for the drugs we used to go and have lunch in the cafe in the hospital also the blood test clinic can run to an hour and a half it doesnt seem to matter how ill you are the wait is the same

    Love Jo :-S

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