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    Hi All

    I am looking for personal recommendations for myeloma specialists in the London/South East area. I am only just starting my myeloma journey but my first appt at my local hospital made me decide if treatment is suggested I would like to go to a specialist for a second opinion.

    I have a list from the Myeloma UK nurses but am interested in hearing people’s experiences. My Gp has suggested the Marsden but as I live close to the high speed railway in Kent I am wondering about one of the London centres eg Kings,Guys or UCLH.

    Any thoughts welcome!

    Many thanks,

    C x



    Hello Cygnet, Sorry I have only just seen your post. First of all, there is a Marsden in London and one in Sutton. My husband is having chemo and all the initial tests at St. Peter’s in Chertsey Surrey.He had radiotherapy (5 sessions) at St.Luke’s in Guidford. But, I now want him to see a Pain Specialist
    as he is always in pain and it’s about time it eased a little. We are seeing radiography again on Wednesday but now I’m getting certain that when it’s time for the stem cell transplant I want him at the Marsden.
    Good luck with your choiuce and keep on posting. Val G



    Hi there- I was originally diagnosed and treated at my local Hospital  in Bromley but was soon referred to the Marsden in Sutton – and I’ve been treated there for the last 18 years – 2 stem cell transplants there – first gave me 5years remission and second gave me 10 years.  Recently had further treatment with velcade dexamethasone and thalidomide and in remission again. As far as I’m concerned – they are brilliant!



    Thank you Jane, Guess we are making the right choice. Val G



    Hy Cygnet

    I have just noticed your comment on looking for a specialist.

    I am in KENT AND CANTERBURY .  I have been under them since last March.  Things have been quite slow in progress.  I asked for a referral to the Royal Marsden by my GP and Kings in London.  I have had both referrals now. The Marsden was spot on and really have got a slick operation running.  They know exactly what to do and will kick straight into getting everything moving.  I visited the Kings last Friday.  They delivered the same attitude as the Marsden.  They are also a teaching hospital and have much to offer in the way of other  treatments.  They were ready to move things on very quickly too and gave me further hope as I have kidney failure due to the myeloma and could take care of that side as well as the Cancer , which was more of a benefit to me.  Both hospitals were second to none and I was impressed with both .  You would be in perfect hands with either of these two hospitals. Hope this helps. Good luck.



    I had my HDT-SCT at the Royal Marsden and would echo that they were just wonderful. If you do end up connected to Marsden I think you’ll find that Myeloma is treated in Sutton. I was told I’d only end up in Chelsea if I had a bad infection and needed blood transfusions (as far as I can remember). Needless to say I didnt.

    Good luck with what’s ahead.


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