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    Hi all,
    Been lurking for a couple of weeks but thought I would introduce myself. I’m 45, mom to 3 kids aged 13, 11 and 9. Diagnosed a few weeks ago; only symptoms are a lesion in my jaw, 2 other tiny ones in rib and scapula. Pprotein 19.6. Diagnosed ‘by accident’. Sorry if this is triggering for anyone (I know how fortunate I am) but I feel as fit and well as I ever have done, absolutely no symptoms or pain at all. Cannot get my head around the fact I have this disease, and that I am taking some serious meds (again, so grateful) that will likely knock me around. Started DVT yesterday, so far so good. Have benefited so much from reading the comments and stories on here so thanks to you all, you help folks out more than you know.



    Hi Slimynose
    This diagnosis is always the most profound shock, & I think the natural fear, having been diagnosed with an incurable disease, is that we are on a slippery, downhill slope. However that really isn’t the experience of many, thank goodness. I too have been fortunate enough not to have pain or much in the way of symptoms, and I’ve now had almost 3 years since SCT of almost normal life, so much better than I’d realised would be possible. Keep hope alive, & best wishes to you.

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