oxcycontin – fuzzy round the edges

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    My husband is back on oxycontin. He's on a tiny dose , 5mg – but already the impact on his personality is greater (as far as I can see) than the impact on his pain. Even at this low dose, he is fuzzy – and (I had forgotten this one) he TALKS. On and on, often not quite hanging on to the thread of whatever he was saying just before he said that thing that he couldn't quite remember about that whatever he just said two topics previously – you get the picture. I want to say – just shush for two minutes! His sense of humour, that was subtle, quirky, dry, is now blunted and clumsy. I dread his increasing the dose. At 10mg he loses the ability to empathise (yes, I know he's a bloke, but he can do empathy), and becomes self absorbed. Any interaction is very similar to dealing with someone in the early stages of dementia. I miss the man that I knew – but how can he manage pain without oxycontin?



    Hi myelomawife that sounds horrible , it must be awful to see your husband like that and not be able to help Is there no other painkiller? I have never had oxycotin but I do have mst slow release tablets which work really well plus severidin for breakthrough pain If it were me I would ring the specialist nurse to talk it over with her and once she understands the negative effect it has on both your lives perhaps there will be another option Dont forget we are all here for you when you need to yell or shout , laugh or cry love Bridget



    Hi Caroline
    I have been where you are now and its not pleasant. As Bridget says there are other forms of pain killers and getting the dose right is not easy.
    I am sure once he is re- assessed for a more appropriate pain killer life will improve. Meanwhile keep your sanity intact with us whenever you need to
    Love Min



    Hi there Caroline oxycontin has never been prescribed to my mm husband and I know nothing about the side effects My husband takes vast amounts of morphine (mst and liquid morphine for breakthrough pain) to get him through.

    When he was first prescribed morphine his med team did concern themselves abut addiction. They soon reached the (correct) conclusion that Stphen would never become addicted to anything.

    Can you ask his medical team to re-look at his pain control and consider giving him something else? Do keep in touch Kindest regards Gillx

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