Pain in side

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    Dear Jean

    I hope you have a great holiday, enjoy the break and I hope Frank is not in too much pain. We has a great holiday in France when Steve's ribs were bad and had a good time despite it,

    Look after yourself

    Mari xxx



    Hi Mari

    Thanks for the good wishes. We are packed and ready to go. Pain is still there Frank says the only ease he gets is when he takes Diazapan. I intend to try and enjoy but poor Frank I will be watching him like a hawk. Hope Steve is ok, how's the training going?? Well done him.

    Thanks, best ishes
    Jean xxx



    Jean have a wonderful time on your holiday, don't worry…… if Frank is not exhausted he must be reasonably well.
    Peter used to use diazepam for muscular pain too so hope it makes him comfortable enough to enjoy his holidays. He sounds like a very determined chap and as long as he feels well, don't panic. Enjoy and come back and tell us how it went. Im really envious of you and Peters consultant has told him he can have a holiday as long as he has a drip of some immunoglobulin before he goes.
    so once we find a holiday have to dash him off to the hospital for a drip. Then get the three dogs and cats into kennels pack our bags and stay in bed for a week to get over the preparation for going Its a pain in the kneck ha ha
    WE will make it one day and don't want to put it off too long but am put off as going out of the comfort zone of local hospital. Hope the sun shines and its hot for you.
    Love MIn



    Thanks Min, you made me laugh! I hope its not too long before you and Peter get away. I have checked the weather forecast and temp is round about 21 with only 1 day of rain. Any weather is better than N Ireland.Where we live we had terrible stormy wind today. Temp not too bad but at least we will actually see the sun.

    Best wishes to you and Peter
    Love Jean xx

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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