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    Hi all

    I read a few weeks ago about some people having pain in side. Frank (SMM) took a pain in side suddenly. We were coming out of a restraunt and he groaned – he said that he had pulled a muscle. It was really painful but after a few days it started to ease. Then he decided to test if the pain had gone completely and he startd to twist around and he said that he had pulled another muscle. He is in quite a bit of pain but he wont see a doctor or speak to the Myeloma nurse as according to him "I know my own body and this is not Myeloma related, it is not in my ribs". To those who have have had this pain, does the above sound familiar or could it be pulled muscles? I watch him ike a hawk and everthing out of the ordinary worries the life out of me.

    Would appreciate any info.
    Love Jean xx



    Hello Jean

    I have not had a bad pain but do get tinges from time to time I am afraid I am with frank this time I am sick of going to the hospital so I just will not put everything down to MM I know its a bit naughty of us it must be in our nature

    Kind regards Jo :-/



    If it were me I would get it looked at.



    HI Jean

    I am a new be to this site and also to mm,my partner is on his 29 day of cdt.He has had pain in his right side for a long time,he originally thought he had broken ribs.When it was first diagnosed the damage to the large bones were in shoulder blades and skull plus spine,these showed on skeleton exray and mri scan. ct scan has not been done.Strong pain relieve has worked,but rib pain does keep coming back,on phoning hospital was told to up pain relieve.
    I think the damage to bones is a secondary problem,and the main concern is getting the blood under control.

    I am like you Jean every twinge I am watching,I know it gets on his nerves and he does have a bit of a dexa attitude through the cycle, he cannot see how ill he looks I spend my time telling him how well he is doing. I think you have to let him decide on the pain,but make sure you mention it on next visit to hospital. I hope this helps you let us know how you get on. eve:-S



    Dear Jean,

    This sounds very much like the pain Steve had in the summer before he was officially diagnosed. Sharp pains in the side of his chest/ribs. He thought he had a pulled muscle. It was very sharp but eased in a few days, and happened on either side of his body two or three times. This was in June/July, by November he was in severe pain and ended up with a tumour on his spine. It may be nothing in which case thats great but please get it checked out. He had been diagnosed with smouldering myeloma in 2004 and we stuck our heads in the sand telling ourselves that this was not myeloma related. He eventually had spinal compression and needed an emergency operation and has spent the last year learning to walk again. I am sorry I dont mean to scare you, I just dont want to see someone else go through what we did because we were scared to admit what was going on. I hope that this is just nothing and you will be pleased that u checked it out,

    Love Mari xx



    I think Mari is right. You are better to try to get Frank to have it checked….even if he does it to keep you quiet…men like thinking that's why they are doing things sometimes!!! Hopefully it is nothing and he can turn round and tell you 'I told you so' but if it is anything that needs looking at, it is SO much better to get the hospital involved earlier.
    I know it must be scary, but hopefully they'll just say it was a pulled muscle.

    Good look persuading Frank
    Debs xx



    I would have it checked. I was diagnosed following months of Side pain that always seemed to be moving around. In the end I noticed I had a 'broken' rib and got diagnosed. So it could be MM related. My paIn felt very muscular, it wasn't.



    Thank you all for your replies. I managed to persuade Frank to go and see doctor. The doctor said that it was a pulled muscle but I am not happy about it. I want him to contact the Myeloma nurse but he wont. He gets quite angry when I talk about it. It does not hurt when he is still but when he moves it is really painful. I askd if it was in his ribs but he is so adamant that it is no. There is no taling to him. His next appointment is not till 14 April so I will just have to sit and worry and watch him.

    Thanks once again

    Jean xx



    Pain is no easier today. I have convinced myself that this sh**ty disease has kicked in. He is going to see doctor again on Tuesday but I want to phone consultant and he wont. We are supposed to be going to Spain on Friday and I dont want to go. Frank says that he is going. Why dont blo**dy men ever listen. Sorry to all you men out there – dont mean you

    Sorry for going on.



    Hi Jean please dont apologise for letting off steam we all need to do it at some point. I am glad Frank is going to get his pain checked out , if there is one thing I have learnt in the last 4 years its not to ignore a persistent pain Could you phone his pecialist nurse about it or would that upset Frank? My husband is equally stubborn where his health is concerned , drives me nuts sometimes . I hope you do get to Spain be a shame if you miss your holiday , Take care love Bridgetx



    Dear Jean – this is why so many people do not get diagnosed soon enough because it can feel muscular when it is bone pain and GPs are not always aware of MM pain. I can only say from my bone pain experience is for Frank to take this seriously because it has all the hall marks of MM pain. He sounds afraid and I suspect a bit in denial. It's hard on you but it sounds like he wants to do it his way however difficult it is for you to watch.

    Good luck Jean and I hope Frank will change his mind sooner rather than later.

    Love, Gaye xx



    Hi Jean

    Is a holiday going to make any difference to treatment?

    I have one of those men,who would not listen to me,So he has stage three MM. he has all ways been like this,you are not going to change him End of the day his body his choice.
    You must make your choice,do you go to Spain,and have a holiday may be the last for sometime or phone hospital yourself.?
    Sorry to sound harsh,but I have lots of regrets,that I did not make him sought the prblem out,instead I let him bury his head in the sand,because it caused so many rows,and our doctor t the surgery,thought I was fussing!!!!!

    My blood pressure rises,so try not to have confrontation with Slim because he is so stubborn I just remind myself his body his choice,then I make my choice and will not changed my mind,not easy but it seems to work.

    I hope this helps you make a choice,the sad thing about it,he is a lovely person most of the time,and will often tell me days later that I was right!!! let us know how you got on.Iwish you luck eve



    Dear Jean

    Men find illness so difficult to cope with being sick , gordon is on GCSF plus epo to boost his bone marrow, i have to remember all the dates times for the meds, gordon ignores it and gets then cross when i inject him, he has had a wake up call this weekend, as he has spent the last two nights in hospital with a chest infection and has had antibiotics plus blood plus platlets plus litres of fluid, maybe he will now take it easy and listen to me!! And pink pigs fly pass the window!!

    Hope you get away, not much fun though if Frank is in so much pain.

    Best wishes Sarah



    Dear Jean,
    I think you have to play the little woman and ask him to do it for you! Even if its just to make an appointment for when your return, then you wont need worry the whole time;
    Peters persistant pain in his side was his myeloma returning and we ignored just like Frank. Its a shame they don't flag up pains in a side as a mm warning that something is not right.
    What about getting [b]him[/b] to ring Ellen on the helpline?
    That way its someone who is totally switched on about MM but not involved with his care. She can give him advise that he can ignore if he choses or she may be able to sway him to seek help.
    I would say if I had a holiday booked I would go off on it, as it may be some time before you get another one, and a week wont really make much difference to the outcome.
    Peter used to say I know my own body and I know I don't have cancer.. he said it even up to his diagnosis. He was in denial until his transplant failed, constantly believing the Dr had got it all wrong.
    Men,…………… cant live with them; cant live without them!!!!!!!
    It will come right eventually Jean, hope its nothing more than a scare.
    Take Care



    Hi all
    Thank you all for your responses. I can relate to points on all of your posts. Last week when Frank was in so much pain, I could not take any more and I told him that I was going to phone the Myeloma nurse or the doctor. He went ballistic. Kept on about it not being in his ribs and as you say Min ?I know my own body, and this is muscular?. After reading your posts I decided to talk it out with him. But no luck. He told me that he was not going to discuss it and that I was to do nothing. He would go mad if he knew that I was discussing it on the forum, but I have to talk to people who know what it is about. If I go behind his back and contact doctor or nurse and he found out ? there would be h**l to play. So I have to accept what he wants to do. You are right Eve, I am not going to change him. We are supposd to be going to Spain for 10 days and he is looking foreard to it. Sarah I hope Gordon is feeling better.

    Thank you all so much. I really appreciate the support.

    Love Jean xx

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