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    Hello, I am a newcomer to this forum.  My partner was diagnosed with MM at the end of November and is currently on chemo tablets.  A transplant is planned for around mid-April at the Royal Marsden in Sutton and we have to stay in Sutton for 1o weeks as we live far away.  I am having a lot of trouble finding someone suitable to look after my tiny Yorkie so I was just wondering whether it might be a good idea to take him with us.  Naturally we can’t take him with us into the hospital and we would have to find pet-friendly accommodation; and I’m not exactly sure how long the dog would have to stay on his own.  Any advice would be appreciated. I hope this wasn’t a silly question!



    Hi Ladybird

    No question is silly when it comes to MM and how you can assist your partner.

    Not sure from you your post how long you are looking for to stay in Sutton. Do you drive, how far away are you from Sutton. I was curious about your dilemma and looking around Sutton  not many dog friendly hotels, were you thinking of leaving it in the hotel which might limit your choice.

    Are there no reasonable “doggy hotels” in your area.  Are you or partner computer savvy to investigate options. There was a list of hotels on the Royal Marsden site but no dogs allowed. Some I found needs a bit of travelling hence do you drive.

    Sorry I couldn’t bring better news but by now you may have resolved it. If yes why not put it onto your post to possibly help others.





    Hi Graeme

    Thanks for your message.  Yes, well we did sort out the problem, we finally managed to find a trusted person to house and pet sit so we decided to leave the dog behind.  We also decided that I would not need to accompany my partner for the full 10 weeks and that made things easier.  The Royal Marsden provided us with a list of hotels, and like you said, none of them appeared to accept pets, however, that didn’t stop me from contacting a couple of them.  One didn’t bother to reply, however one B&B actually was willing to allow us to take our little dog.

    Regards and thanks again






    Hello, I last posted here in 2015 when my partner and I travelled to England for his SCT. Unfortunately his MM returned last December and we have to travel again. His SCT will be at the Royal Marsden (Sutton) probably in September. Altogether we will be in England for six weeks. Would anyone know of some accommodation close by which would accept a tiny dog we want to take with us? Thanks!

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