So pleased to be back

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    Our long awaited holiday was not what I hoped it would be. Peter had this infusion of immunoglobulin before we went and had what we now know was a dreadful allergic reaction( Dr Told us yesterday he should have been admitted ) Instead we went on holiday while he had a more than usual sniffy nose tickle in the back of the throat and aching limbs.
    The flight was dreadful and the cold developed into a chest infection with me nagging him to take his emergency supply of anti biotics when he started coughing like a 20 a day smoker.
    He needed 2 days of massage to get over the pain in his back from the flight and stayed in room most of the time because of it.
    My luggage went missing and we were located in a room overlooking a building site. Sat outside on a sunny windy day and burnt very badly. I was a nervous wreck by the time it was going home time. The stress of being so far from the comfort of his hospital was too much for me, while he took it in his stride while moaning daily.
    I know we should not have gone, but when you live in the 'frozen north ' we don't get a lot of warm sunny weather unlike you southerners… I know this for sure as I lived 'down south' for 15 years and its definatly 2 cardigans colder up here.
    So we will not be doing that again without supervision from our daughter. Sounds like it will be sunny Devon for our next adventure!
    On the plus side the sun has shone all day here and the ground is rock hard to prove there was no rain while we were away.
    I am so pleased to be home and will leave him at home in future when I need a break!
    Exhausted Min



    Hi Min I am so sorry to hear you had a nightmare holiday !! What rotten timing to get a reaction , poor Peter Glad you got home safe and sound and can relax now though We have been promised sunshine all next week so you can enjoy your garden at least love Bridget x



    Dear Min What rotten rotten luck. I am so sorry that it didn't work out. Next time you feel like having a holiday let me know. We will leave our men at home and have a pensioners party on the costa de something. Love from Gill xx

    PS… Maybe we could be extras in the TV thingy Benidorm. I love that show It is as crass as the old Crossroads oops showing my age. For younger browsers Crossroads was a sort of soap opera that was so bad all the sets used to wobble and start falling down. The actors used to hang on to them to prevent total mayhem



    Hello min

    Sorry your hols turned out so rotten especially as you had been looking forward to them Peter probably caught his infection from the plane I got a terrible cold last month when we got back from the canaries I know what you mean about two cardies cold up your way we visit friends in Leyburn in the yorkshire dales and its always a few degrees colder anyway Devon is lovely had lots of nice holidays down that way I live 20 miles north of London so we are often warmer here.
    Love Jo x8-)



    Hello Gill

    I watch Benidorm I think its moronically funny there are people like that! and yes I remember crossroads how funny it was when it wasn't
    meant to be my mother in law was addicted to it
    Love Jo 😉 y



    Hi Everyone

    Yes I can confirm kent south coast is basking in the sun,hotter than Spain,West Coast of France even Cyprus.24 degrees here in sunny Deal no wind sea as calm as can be,when its like this you cannot beat it.
    We had planned a few days break only up the road,but Slim not well enough,first time out yesterday for a week,but he did enjoy watching the world go by on the sea front while I took Oscar for a walk.
    As a northener who lives in the South,I can confirm the weather bit, but they do not have the same sense of humour,I miss the North for that reason.
    Pack the car and come and see the garden of England it lifts your spirit just to see the blossom. eve



    Min so sorry that you had such a dreadful time. I know what you mean about the comfort zone of the hospital being near by. I know you can't relax – been there – and would much rather be at home.

    You think you have it tough where you are Min, you shoud try living in Northern Ireland – especially where we are. Our weather is terrible – now, must say yesterday and today have not been too bad – sat in the garden ysterday drinking cosmopolatains (sex and the city have nothing on us!) Hope Peter has got over his infection and feeling more like himself.

    Take care
    Love Jean xx



    Hi Min

    What a pain about your holiday, know what you mean about the comfort zone.

    I Will Look forward to the pensioners holiday to benidorm or as extras, anything will do! Benidorm has grown on me over the series looking forward to the next one.I loved crossroads never knew which part of the sets would wobble next, loved bennys hat:-D

    all the best




    Gill, I think that is an excellent idea, would it be a mother hen party? as we fuss around them like mother hens.
    Jo The chill was caused by the IV immunoglobulin they gave him to allow him to go on holiday, he had a really bad fever from it and woke up bathed is sweat then had to change the bed it was so wet' The chill turned into cold and the chest infection followed. He is on the last of his anti biotics and feeling good. Got his blood results back today from Tuesdays clinic …Bloods are all AOK and his immune system has made a dramatic recovery following the IVIG. Light chains just a drop of 40 but better than nothing.
    The sea fret is dreadful here and makes the air cold and wet. Most definatly going to do a 'down south' holiday when I recover from the holiday from hell.
    I don't care if we have to go to a hospital in an Emergency as long as they speak English and can ring his Dr in Newcastle I just want the comfort of the UK security blanket, If you know what I mean.
    Seriously seriously thinking of moving back down south.
    Thanks for the thoughts friends,
    love min

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