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    Hi Everyone
    Everyone says how walking the dog is very therapeutic and I would agree,every morning and evening the dog has a lovely walk along the sea shore,not only does the dog enjoy it,Slim and I do to.
    Yesterday as usual,we went out early afternoon,and a friend stopped to speak,i have only seen her at a distance before,curiosity of Slim on sticks and looking ill must have got the better of her,she stopped and spoke.
    conversation went:is it arthritic playing you up: Slim replied no it,s cancer.the reply came back :ohh my god everybody i know is dying of cancer.:

    When she went on her way,we were laughing so much we had to sit on a bench,we both saw the gallows humour in it,so there we were sitting on a bench donated by a family of someone who died,after talking to a friend who associated cancer with dying,looking out to sea and laughing,feeling very much alive and going for a walk which is very therapeutic

    The dog enjoyed his walk too Eve:-)



    Hi Eve

    Keep laughing!!! Honestly some people the things they say!!

    Sarah xx



    Hi Eve thanks for that made me chuckle ! That woman probably didnt even realise what she had said!! As long as we can keep laughing we will be ok love Bridget x



    Good old gallows humour. I have a bunch of old friends… good and close friends… and family… who can't abide to even talk to me, never mind make gaffes or find ways of laughing it off (which I thought most of them would do).

    They are sacred stiff of their own mortality and to voice mine would mirror theirs.

    I think I prefer the honesty of your clumsy but honest friend.8-)




    I went to a leaving do last week. For an old workmate who had met at Training school in 1970
    There were equal numbers of old and retired and new and serving colleagues.
    Without exception all the 'old' people asked how Peter was, One young person asked too and another said Im sorry MIn Im frightened to ask how peter is in case it upsets you or he is dead!
    Ironically two days later two of those ex colleagues died on the same day.
    One of a heart attack due to hardening of the arteries the other from a Brain Tumour secondary to breast cancer.
    Both of them considerably younger than Peter.
    Thank the lord no one knows what the future holds for them.



    You are right,Slim made me Laugh the other day,he now worries something will happen to me,he said to me "you do realise if you get ill i will not be able to look after you" I found that very sweet. I promised him I would not get run over by a bus. LOL



    During one of our heart to hearts, Peter asked me if I was ill?
    Whilst I am not I am extremely tired and had made an appintment with one of the older female GPs in our practice no appointments unitl 1st week in september !!!!!!!as I am reaching the point where I need some pills to pop so to speak, feeling tearful and dreading the future.
    He saw the appointment card and worried that I was going to get ill and not be able to look after him. Like slim he gets DLA and I get carers allowance, when i 1st applied for it a few months ago I felt fraud, now I dont think they pay me nearly enough.
    He rang earlier to say he is probably back home tommorow. The house is a tip. I have no kitchen and the fitters start tomorrow so I am having a breather and cup of tea before I start more darned scrubbing.
    At least the bedroom is spick and span so he will just have to stay there.
    There will be no more home improvements from herein as just cant do it. Cant even watch contractors do it without wanting to tell them what to do.
    Peter had said I should get a yellow hat and let them see I am project manager. Might just do that and turn up at hospital with it on and see if I can project manage them too!
    Love MIn



    Hi Min
    Have you ever considered the pay per hour.24×7=168 hours divide by that into 73 pound.answer peanuts and I am not a monkey
    Min I am surprised you do not take something to help you,I will be honest with you,I would ring up and book an emergency appointment,do not take no for an answer,The reason I say this,is when your crying or shouting people do not listen to what you are saying,but if you come over calm and collective it works,and this is what pills do they put you back in control.

    The tears can be controlled and the future will look after it,s self,you cannot change that,but I do understand your fear.It,s always just beneath the surface,you cannot talk about it,because it is negative,and what they need is for carers to be positive.and being tired out does not help.

    When Peter comes home,bed is the right place for him,give him a chance to rest and keep him away from germs.

    As to the kitchen ,it might make them work a bit quicker,don,t go soft on them,and make them cups of tea.!!!you have enough on your plate with Peter and the dogs.Rest as much as you can. love Eve

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