Admitted yesterday.

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    Peter is on the mend and very much better.He is weak as a kitten but lovley and rosy compared to the grey yellow he has been.
    Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and good wishes,tommorow a decision will be made as to wether he is fit to come home. Hopefully we will learn what happens next too.
    Love Min



    Hi Min I am so pleased Peter is feeling better, it must be such a relief for you to see him improving Hope you get a good nights rest and they let Peter come home tomorrow love Bridget x



    Dear Min

    I am so sorry that I have not picked up on your postings before. Being busy with Stephen being home I have not really looked at the site. I am pleased that Peter seems to be on the mend and hope that he is home on Monday and feeling much better.

    Love from Gillxx



    Please don't apologise Gill I know how hard it is when they are released from hospital and how frail from SCT. How is Steven? has he picked up? I don't suppose he can sit out in the sun either unless you use factor 30. Best wishes to you both

    Brought Peter home at lunchtime having spent 5 days in Hospital with neutropinic sepsis..something [b]you all need[/b] to know about look it up . Its very dangerous if left too late; follows on from chemo and neutropenia( no immune system) Bone up on it in case you need to act



    Hi Min This is one of the things that really worries me with Michaels trial as his consultant told us this is one of the side effects they know about. Please to know Peter is out of hospital , whats his next stepin his treatment




    Sorry about missing your post Min
    hope Peter contiues getting over these terrible infections.

    Love and Best wishes to you both

    Please tell him I'm crossing everything for him to recover

    Love Roz



    Thank You Roz.
    We had a flying visit to the day ward today for bloods and the results are finally going his way. Neutrophils are 1.5 at last after 2 weeks of 00.2 ..He is feeling fine ( ish) compared to the past 2 weeks when all he wanted to do was sleep and stay in bed)
    The plan is 4-5 weeks for a recovery period followed by further melphalan 100% and stem cell rescue:-/
    something to look forward to. Meanwhile back on thalidomide low dose until then.
    Thats all folks …..the end
    Love Min
    PS the question regarding cutting the grass is don't do it if your neutrophils are low…. there are too many spores that may enter the lungs.



    Hi Min I am so glad things are on the up now ! Enjoy the next few weeks without thinking too much about the next stage You and Peter are such a great team you will get him through whatever comes next!! love to you both Bridget x



    hi min
    sorry you and peter are going through such a worrying time, take care of each other.
    cyber hugs to you both




    Hi Min

    Where are you on the roller coaster!!!!,at the moment I feel i am on a nice level bit!!!! feels like heaven.
    Bridget seems to have gone off the radar !!!
    I think every ones gone on holiday and left us behind LOL

    Glad to see you jumped the hurdle, love eve



    Hello Eve
    Right now I am exhausted… don't think I have been this tired in a long time. Peter is still very weakened, ( bare in mind I am married to a house husband who loves the hoover and iron!
    The most he can do is get out of bed mid morning and take all the medication he needs and watch the war. GRRR on sky.
    I think I am both emotionally tired as well as physically and with it comes anger (again) why did he have to get this sick and why does it seem never ending. I think of running away frequently but know I wont.
    Don't worry I know I will shake myself out of this but its not easy and I hate ironing especially shirts!
    The kitchen is keeping me occupied again as decided to go for more quote, cant have too many or too many designs Ive discovered.
    Everyone is obviously out in there garden or watching wimbledon. Its raining here and I hate hate hate tennis. Because whenever the tennis is on it rains in the north east of England. Just realised thats why Im depressed.



    Hi Min
    You sound about were I was a month ago,and it did not help people telling me to get some rest,
    I lost the plot a few times,had to go to doctors,saves money not buying gin, lol . It did help to pop pills kept my temper under control,tears stopped flowing,saved a bomb on tissues.Only take them when my demons rise to the surface.
    I have to admit,since Slim has been so ill and unable to do things,i have had to take on so much more,it has made me realise how much he did do.
    I am guilty Min,have never,never Ironed in 30 years,Slim says,I am hopeless at ironing,folding,stacking dishwasher,washing dishes,you name it,its never good enough,(lol)but i am thick need to be if you take on a service man.

    S-o-d the ironing,break the hoover,and cat nap when you can,your energy levels will rise,I shouted at Slim,told him straight,I am shattered too,takes them awhile to realise how much you do on very little sleep.
    Getting my own life back a bit,went to lunch with girl friends first time I have been out for over 4 months,it does get better:-)

    As for weather what keeps you up there,have you close family there?
    Nothing worst than bad weather,I used to have a saying before Slim got ill.don,t do rain,hail or snow we just followed the sun, Now have no choice,but the weather is beautiful, on the S E Coast

    I for got to say,take the fuse out of the telly too nothing worst than watching the war,have you own war,and may be he will open up,must be feeling very down,.love Eve



    Hi Min,

    Please excuse me for treading water in the carer's section… and I'm a little bit frightened of Eve… [i]so I'll keep this quiet and down to a minimum…[/i] I just want to say how much I admire you (yes all carer's of course) but you in particular… because I have followed your journey from the start and realise just how much you have both been through… but particularly I have been taken by your strength of spirit and your phlegmatic refusal to be bludgeoned by your responsibilities… all of them.

    Shhh… that's all.

    Dai. xxx




    How can you say that,I am a scouser,born and bred!!!!! warm hearted,lovely person and if you don,t agree i will do a Margaret Thatcher on you,I will hit you with my handbag:-P

    PS got a plum in my mouth now stuck some were between my wisdom tooth!!!!



    Yeah, well… pick on the plums not me… 😀 🙂

    I bet you are just a great big softie Lancastrian really… I often find that when the scousers and mancunians and suchlike drop their local guard the sweet natured lancastrian comes shining through… and the Crowther bit of me came down to work on Fishguard Harbour 1918 from Collyhurst, Manchester… so there's a bit of that in my make-up too.:-)


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